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Friday, May 25, 2007
Favorite Ingredients Friday

My dad was born in Hungary. When I was a child, my parents got a series of books from Time-Life. They were cookbooks from each country. I loved those books. Wish I had them now. Anyway, I think that's where this recipe came from. My mom made this Hungarian dish occasionally. My dad loved it, but I hated it. In fact, only one of my three sisters liked it as a child. I love it now, but Jim isn't crazy about it so I don't make it often. I know this doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but it's awesome. It was too green peppery for me as a child, but now it's great.

Lescó (pronounced Lecho)

3 T lard or bacon fat
1 ½ c finely chopped onion
½ t sweet paprika
1 lb (5) green peppers, cut into ½-inch pieces
1 lb tomatoes, peeled, seeded & coarsely chopped
½ t salt & pepper
½ c tomato puree
1 lb Hungarian de brecini sausage, cut into 1/8-inch slices (I usually end up using kielbasa)
½ t finely chopped garlic

In a 2 qt pan, heat the lard until light haze forms over it; then add onions and garlic and cook 8-10 minutes or until onions are lightly colored.

Off heat, stir in paprika continuing to stir until the onions are well-coated. Stir in green peppers, tomatoes, salt & p epper. Cover and cook over med heat.

If tomatoes have not produced enough liquid to cover vegetables, add ¼ c or more of puree. Cover again while puree is heating, then add the sausage.

Cover and simmer for ½ hour. Should have consistency of tomato sauce. Add remaining puree if needed for thinning. Can be served with a fried egg on top.

I strongly recommend adding the egg at the end. The runny yolk mixes in with the puree and thickens it slightly and makes it creamier. Yummy!

I ended up making a different variation of my last recipe. I've updated that post if you're interested.

Wanted to share the news about a free cookbook from Ragu. Check it out!

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Anonymous Lori4squaremom said...

Oh, this sounds great! Even with your story (which I LOVE) it does sound very good, and just like something that our family would enjoy. Thank you for sharing it.

Blogger Jammy said...

This definitely sounds like one of those good ol standby recipes. YUM


Blogger annie said...

This sounds so good!

My Life as Annie!

Anonymous Rae said...

That actually sounds soo good. I have to find some Hungarian sausage somewhere and try this one out soon. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Blogger Kim said...

I'm half Hungarian as well...there was a great restaurant in NJ (where I grew up) - haven't found one in Delaware just yet though. Lekvar Kiflis...yum!

Blogger Marcia said...

Yum! I made some recently for International Night at Ben's school. I had forgotten how much I love it! Derek likes it too! I may have to make it again soon!

Blogger Michelle said...

I know my tastes have changed since I was a kid - I wouldn't eat anything with pepper in it, now I'm not as bad LOL We like kielbasa too so I'll give this a try; I think my hubby would enjoy it!

Blogger MommyKnows said...

mmmm ... sounds good!

Anonymous Rae said...

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know you won my book giveaway! :) Come on over and pick out the book you want and leave your email for me, or I can leave mine for you if you prefer it that way. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend! :)

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

This sounds delicious. I love new things!

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

You know, I think Oronzo would love this and I love the history you shared about the recipe. Thanks so much! :)

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