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Monday, May 21, 2007
She Lives!
Sorry to drop off the face of the earth like that. My Airborne let me down, but I don't blame it. I don't think it can compensate when you really really need sleep.

In my last post, I mentioned how beautiful Tuesday morning was. I didn't mention how horrible Tuesday evening was. Jim is taking a class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They began last Tuesday. Because it was the first class, he wanted to go early and stop by the bookstore to get the textbook. The forecast had called for thunderstorms that evening, so when the sky started to darken, we weren't surprised. I was feeding Sera her dinner when Jim left. The local channel was on and our tornado watch turned into a warning. The wind really picked up and the latest news had our area as a danger spot for a tornado. Just then, Jim walked back in the house. He had forgotten his parking permit. I asked him not to leave yet, to wait until the storm passed us. At the rate it was going, it shouldn't be 20 minutes. We could hear the storm sirens going off in our county. Before he walked back in, I had finished feeding Sera really quickly and was holding her so I could run to the basement, if needed. A few minutes later, our phone rang. Friends were nearby and wanted safe shelter during the storm. We told them to come on over. It took them about 15 minutes and by that time the storm had passed us by. What a relief. Jim headed on to class, our friends went home, and Sera headed off for a much needed bath.

Wednesday and Thursday are a blur of taking care of Sera and sleeping whenever she did. As soon as Jim came home, I'd Nyquil up and go to sleep.

Friday morning, I had to go to my eye doctor and learn that my eyes are old. On my last visit, bifocals were optional, no longer. I haven't been seeing as well as I should, but my prescription didn't change. What changed is I now need "multi-focal" lenses. Bah humbug.

The day got better though. Remember I mentioned big plans for the weekend? Well, we headed north to Jim's hometown where he and the other members of his high school baseball team were recognized and given plaques. It was the 25th anniversary of winning the state championship title. His town is incredibly small, so this was a major feat. It was an incredible year for him from start to finish, but he tells the story better than I. The ceremony was held between games in a doubleheader at his old high school. As the second game got underway, grilled burgers and hot dogs were served to all the guests. It was a wonderful time. Jim got to see friends and teammates he hadn't seen in 25 years. We headed home later that evening as Jim felt it was important for Sera to wake up in her own bed.

Saturday, Jim proved what a great daddy and husband he is. When Sera woke up Saturday morning, he brought her into our room. She drank her bottle and we all played on the bed for about an hour and a half. She then went down for her nap, and so did I. When we woke up, Jim had gone downstairs as he didn't need a nap within two hours of waking up. I got Sera dressed for the day and headed downstairs to fix her second breakfast. She gets real food with this one. Jim heard us stirring and came up from the basement as I got her plate ready. He took one look at me and could tell I'd hit bottom as far as my cold was concerned. He took Sera's food and shooed me back upstairs. I went willingly. I dozed on and off as Jim brought me soup and sandwiches. I could hear Sera squealing with laughter as he played with her downstairs. He even took her to a cookout we were supposed to attend. Periodically, he brought Sera to me so she and I could get our mommy/daughter moments. I stayed in bed the whole day and night. I woke up Sunday feeling human again.

Thanks to everyone who wondered where I was. Oh, and I just have to address Kate's comment. Thank you, Kate! I have to confess that I finally feel like I'm doing the job I was meant to do in this lifetime. Everything else has just been work to bring in the dough. This is what I'm meant to be...a mom.



Blogger C.J. said...

Glad you're back to feeling human.

Love those last few sentences. That's what it is all about.

Blogger Tammie said...

What a sweet man your Jim is! I admire a hubby who knows when the wife is just plain ole down & out.

And, yes, being a mom is what it's all about for many of us.

Blogger Kate said...

It's not that I think that people who never have children have emptier or less fulfilling lives - because I think we each strive to fill our life in the best way that we can.

But I know that *my* life was emptier and less fulfilling before I had kids. And it's just screamingly obnvious that you were intended to be a mom, too.

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