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Sunday, May 13, 2007
It Can't Get Any Better
What a great weekend. The weather was beautiful, and I spent it with my husband and my daughter. It truly can't get any better. What's funny is that we didn't do anything really extravagant or unusual. Our big outing on Saturday was the grocery store. Sunday was more fun as we went to see the Silverhawks play baseball. Sera and I were spoiled as Daddy brought us breakfast in bed both days! On Saturday, he made toad in a hole, and on Sunday he made French toast. Toad in a hole is when you fry up an egg inside a hole you've cut in the middle of a slice of bread. It's yummy!

The grocery store is fun!

Especially if you FLY through it!

Daddy and Sera doing the chicken dance at the baseball game.

I found this picture online of toad in a hole. They added shredded cheese and baked it. I've not had it that way. I've always had it pan-fried, kind of like grilled cheese, but only one slice of bread, no cheese, and add an egg. If you've never had one, I recommend them.



Blogger Barb said...

As stressed as we are over at A Chelsea Morning right now, and as far behind as I am with all my friends out here, there was simply no way I could not run over here and wish you a


Oh my word, I'm so happy that you get to celebrate this day. She is adorable. She's simply precious and I'm still beyond thrilled for you.

Blogger C.J. said...

Very cute pics!

Glad you had a great mama's day Ms. Toad-in-a-Hole!

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