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Friday, September 29, 2006
Five Ingredients Friday

Today's entry came from a cooking message board. It was easy enough, so I threw it together one night when we had all the ingredients, but I didn't have either the time or inclination to cook. This is just some mixing. We loved it, plus it's a real rib-sticker. It's also very kid-friendly, but you might need to take the onions out for them. And yes, I did kind of wiggle around the Five Ingredient rule. I am a scofflaw!

Hot Dog Casserole

1 28 oz can of baked beans
½ med onion, chopped
4 hot dogs, chopped

Jazz up with any or none of the following items:
BBQ sauce
Worcestershire sauce
brown sugar
hot sauce

And top with 1 prepared box of cornbread mix (I like Jiffy in a pinch, but prefer to make my own.)

Bake at 400 for 45-50 minutes or until cornbread is golden brown and passes the toothpick test. It will remain soft where it touches the beans.

Bonus Recipe


1 ¼ c all-purpose flour
¾ c cornmeal
¼ c sugar
2 t baking powder
½ t salt

¼ c vegetable oil
1 c milk
1 egg, beaten

Mix just until dry ingredients are moistened. Do not over mix. Pour into buttered 8”x8” square pan or well-seasoned cast iron skillet, and bake at 400 for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown, or pour over above recipe.

Why do I always forget to direct you to Overwhelmed with Joy for more recipes. The picture is also a link to her site. Don't forget the Holiday Recipes coming soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son would absolutely love this! Come to think of it, so would I. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Pamela said...

This will be perfect to make and take with us while we are fixing up the rental property...looks delicious! Thanks for the bonus recipe too. :)

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

My aunt who died a few years back used to make these all the time. I love them. What happy memories! Thanks!

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Guess what I'm adding to my menu for next week...Hot Dog Casserole! Snuggle Bug is addicted to hot dogs and this sound yummy. :)

Thanks for consistently participating in my Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange. I do appreciate it!

And thanks for the plug for my upcoming Holiday Cooking, Blogger style recipe exchange.

Blogger Brony said...

WE love to change the standard Hot Dog at our house. My boys love PIzza Dogs, but we'll give this one a try for something different.

Blogger Katrina said...

My son would LOVE this! I'm adding it to my menu for next week. Thanks!

Blogger Larae said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds REALLY good!! Thanks for sharing!! One can never have too many casserole recipes!

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