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Monday, May 14, 2007
Things To Ponder
Question: Why do we buy toys for babies?

Sera's favorites are remote controls, water bottles, and paper.

Retorical Question: Did you know that a remote control, when applied forcefully to a mom's upper lip, will leave a mark?

Observation: If you sit directly in front of a high chair while feeding your child, and that child sneezes, you will wear what they're eating. Luckily it was only string cheese.

Sera's favorite things right now include waving hello and saying uh-oh. We're still working on the concept that uh-oh means something fell "accidentally" and was not thrown down.

Scariest moment of motherhood so far: Yesterday at the game, I watched Sera every second of the game, except for one play. She was in the seat between us. My arm was there and I had been supporting her and making sure she didn't fall. I looked down after that play and she was GONE! My heart stopped because I couldn't see her beneath the seat and Jim didn't have her. I lifted the seat and there she sat playing happily. She must have slid off the front of the seat and the backpack broke her fall. She didn't cry until I snatched her up. It's scary how quickly it happened.

And, finally, the only thing on TV that Sera has shown any interest in is baseball and Little Einsteins. I think the baseball is because she likes sitting on daddy's lap, and she loves watching him get excited about a play. Everytime he cheered or clapped yesterday, she did also, but her eyes were on daddy, not the game. In this picture, she's raising her arms to help Rocket fly. It's the first time she did it. I was actually trying to get a picture of her watching the show when she raised her arms. I can't believe I got the shot.



Blogger C.J. said...

She looks like a sports fan doing 'the wave' in that one ;0)

Blogger Tammie said...

I can actually hear the theme song to Little Einsteins myself. Oh. Wait. That's because Erin loves it also.

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