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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Our Surprise
Sera has been feeding herself finger foods for a while now. I let her "try" to feed herself yogurt a few days ago. It was a major disaster, but hysterical. She had absolutely no use for any of the utensils I offered her and went with her fingers instead. More yogurt ended up in her hair and smeared on the high chair tray than in her mouth.

Tonight, she didn't care for the dinner I made: roast beef, broccoli cheese rice, and green beans. I mixed up some sweet potatoes and rice cereal for her instead. Watch what happened next...

She's the smartest kid alive! At least her mommmy and daddy think so. :O)



Anonymous Sandra said...

Yeah - good job, Sera!!!

Blogger C.J. said...

Well isn't she just sweet and tidy!?!

Blogger Stacy said...

What a big girl!

Blogger Melissa said...

yeah, mommy and daddy are right! She is the smartest kid alive!

Blogger Colleen said...

That was SOOO cute to watch!!

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