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Monday, February 01, 2010
What Were You Doing Three Years Ago?
Jim and I were walking on the moon.

Three years ago this afternoon, Jim and I received a life-changing phone call.  Here are the words I posted that day:

Jim and I are proud to announce we have a daughter.

Her name is Liang Xiao Sheng. We plan on calling her Sera XiaoSheng. It was going to be Sera Elizabeth XiaoSheng, but we dropped that idea as soon as we saw what letter her name started with. She's from the Liangping SWI in the Sichuan Province, and she was born on April 17, 2006.

We hope to travel in April and have her in our arms before her first birthday. We won't have pictures until next week, but we've been assured she's beautiful. I never doubted that.

These are all the details we know now. Off to make more phone calls and to celebrate.

Life is wonderful!

UPDATE: We will receive more information and photos on Monday.
Here are the photos we received a few days later:

And here's our princess today.  She is a princess; just ask her.  Her name is now Cinderella Tiana Serafina.  Daddy is her Prince Charming, and me?  I'm the wicked stepmother and loving every minute of it.



Blogger Tammie said...

Happy Referral Day!

Sera is so beautiful! I love watching her grow from the sweet baby she was to the sweet little girl she's become.

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