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Thursday, January 14, 2010
Where Does She Get This?
Last night Sera and I were driving home after her gymnastics class.  She was planning, as usual, her birthday party.  The fact that we went to one last weekend certainly helped spur on this discussion, but, to be honest, she talks about her birthday party almost daily.  We didn't have a party last year.  I don't think we have a choice this year.

She was naming different girls and which Disney princess dress they should wear.  Oh yes, she definitely wants a princess party.  Then she started talking about the boys in her pre-school and how they could dress up as princes.  Somehow, I don't see that going over quite as well.

She has selected her entertainment.  "Daddy can play the guitar and sing while we all dance."  I don't know if he's aware yet.  He'd better start her rehearsals.

She's even choreographed the beginning of the party.

"When my friends come and ring the doorbell, you can call upstairs for me.  I'll yell that I'll be down after I finish putting on my makeup."

It's really hard not to laugh in the car when she starts going into these details, but I want to know where she gets it.  I rarely wear make-up, and if I do, it's usually just mascara and lipstick.  I don't think I've ever yelled down the stairs that I would be down after I finished.  As far as I can recall, there's not been a scene like this in any of her princess movies or shows.  Unless SuperWhy, Sid the Science Kid, or Dinosaur Train are dealing with subjects that I'm not aware of, she's doing this all on her own.

Why does the thought of that terrify me?



Blogger a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Two years ago I was forced into a princess-ladybug-unicorn party. Umm... yeah. It WAS one, if only in the Tongginator's mind. Heh.

Blogger Tammie said...

How sweet! Sera definitely has some ideas of her own! Sounds as if you have a real girly girl there!

Blogger Jacquie said...

You are so right. Sera and Lily would totally be best friends!

Just catching up on blog reading........ congrats on the 1000 days! Wow.

Blogger She Writes said...

OH MY GOSH! This had me laughing so hard :). Be afraid, but enjoy every minute of the ride :)!

Thank you, Magi, for all the sweet words to me. I really appreciate your friendship and can't tell you what your comments have meant!

Much love to you Sera and Jim!

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