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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
A New Year

I've really fallen behind in posting, and that makes me mad at myself.  There are lots of little reasons - none good.  Probably the biggest one is that by the time I have some quiet time to sit down and write something, I'm too tired.  No excuses though.  This is how I record our memories of the little things that we might forget, and I need to get back on it. The picture has nothing to do with this post.  Wonder Woman went to a superhero birthday party last weekend. 

Here's one story I've been meaning to share.

Christmas this year was very exciting.  Sera completely got the whole Santa thing.  She watched Dora's Christmas special over and over and was very well informed about the dangers of the naughty list.  Swiper had to do an awful lot of work to get off that list. 

Because she was so excited, Jim and I were sure this would be the first year of being awakened pre-dawn to see what Santa brought.  To our surprise, we woke up before she came to our room.  My next thought was she just didn't wait for us.  I walked in to her room to find her sitting in the middle of her bed with the saddest face I've ever seen.  When I asked her what was wrong, she looked up at me with this sad face and said, "mommy, there is no Santa."  To translate, she was telling me that Santa hadn't come to our house.  Her response when I asked her why she thought that was to tell me that she'd listened all night and never heard his jingle bells, so he no come.  I reminded her that Santa wouldn't come when she was awake so maybe she didn't hear the bells because she was sleeping.  She wasn't buying it.  I carried her to our room where she repeated her sad tale to daddy.  He suggested that he go downstairs and let Shadow out.  While he was down there, he'd check and see if Santa had been by and come back to let us know.  This gave him a few minutes to get the video camera turned on and the remote in his hand.

Even after he came back and told us that it looked like Santa had visited, she wasn't buying it.  We had her wake Theresa and go downstairs.  When she saw her new dollhouse, she squealed with excitement. 

Santa had come after all. 

She's still talking about that naughty list.

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Blogger Jim McClain said...

And the best part was when she understood the "naughty list," the first thing out of her mouth was "Mommy, Daddy, I sorry I cut my hair."

That was two months ago, but she is still repentent.

Blogger She Writes said...

Isn't it magical to have a child who waits for santa :).

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