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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Need to Earn Extra Money?
Can you dress up like a princess and read a fairy tale.  Do you have some spare china and tulle?  Can you  make a tea sandwich and cut it into a flower shape?  Have I got the business for you!!

I was looking online for some birthday party places in our area.  Sera's birthday isn't until April, but she's obsessed, so I figured I'd better start coming up with a plan. I already told you her plan.

The main problem is where to hold her party.  She wants everyone to come to our house.  Our home is not set up well for parties.  At least not parties of more than 4 people.  We have a nice large room we want to re-do on the 2nd floor.  When we do, it would be a great place to send the kids while the adults stay downstairs in the living room.  As it is, we'd all have to be in one pretty crowded room.

In my searching, I found the perfect party planning service for Sera. They host tea and other girl-friendly parties for young girls complete with china, tulle covers for the seats, a trunk filled with hats, boas, etc... and best of all, you can book Cinderella to appear.

The most basic package is $28 per person with an 8 person minimum.  Cinderella is another $150 per hour. Holey Smokes!  By the time you add cake, favors, etc..., you're looking at over $500.  That is insane for a 4-year-old, and you should see the add-ons.  They'll provide princess dresses, make up, fashion show/runway, invitations/thank you notes, and they have theme parties, too.  Your kid wants an American Idol karaoke, luau, spa party, etc...?  They're in luck.

These parties could easily hit $1000, and they don't even provide a location!!!!  I can't imagine their business is booming in this economy, but I could be wrong.

While Sera would absolutely adore this party and having Cinderella show up would be her dream come true, it ain't happening.  I'm just glad she hasn't figured out how to Google yet. 



Blogger a Tonggu Momma said...

That? Is ridiculous! Good for you for realizing it.

Blogger She Writes said...

Amazing. And people pay it! More amazing!

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