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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Diva in Training
For those of  you who aren't on Facebook with me, you wouldn't know that last weekend we finally had some family photos taken.  A friend of ours wants to take her photography hobby to the next level, so she bought lights and a background.  We headed over there on Saturday morning with several changes of clothes ready to play.  We had a great time, and she got some really good shots.

We'd been home about an hour when Sera told me that she really liked taking pictures and could we do it again.  The week before I'd let her watch the premiere of Project Runway with me.  I'd dvr'd it.  She loved it.  She asked if she could draw dresses, and I could make them.  Considering I haven't sewn since I was a teenager, it could be an interesting project.  The second week she watched, she started imitating the models on the catwalk.

Her other new habit is walking around with pursed lips after putting on her "lipstick".  The rest of the world knows it as chapstick.

We are going to be in such trouble.

Here are some of the photos from our shoot:

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Friday, January 22, 2010
First Joke
Sera's been working on this joke thing for some time now.  She didn't quite get it.  She kept doing a variation of a knock knock joke, but without a punch line.  Her typical version went like this:

Knock, knock

Who's There?


Strawberry who?

::peals of laughter::

This week she told what I consider her first real joke.  I think she learned it in school.  She told me that daddy taught her, but he denies it.

Why did the chicken sit on the eggs?

I don't know.  Why?

Because they didn't have any chairs!

:: peals of laughter:: (but this time I laughed, too.)


Thursday, January 21, 2010
Another Morning Conversation
Sera: Mommy, know what I want?

Me: What, sweetie?

Sera: I want to go on a plane and go to China.

Me: Me, too. I loved visiting China.

Sera: and go where there are lots of babies. I want one, a real one. I only have mommy and daddy and Theresa and Shadow. I want a brudder or sister like Ava or the other Lily. You know, the one with Jack. I want one. Pleeeaaaassse. And you know Ava with Ben and Peter. Can I get one, pleeeeaaass?

Now how do you answer that? I acknowledged what she said and then suggested breakfast.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Something to Share
Sometimes you read something and you just want to share it.  Be sure to read the comments, too.  Well, maybe not all of them, but they're enjoyable, too.

Nil by mouth

By Roger Ebert on January 6, 2010 11:38 PM

I mentioned that I can no longer eat or drink. A reader wrote: "That sounds so sad. Do you miss it?" Not so much really. Not anymore. Understand that I was never told that after surgery I might lose the ability to eat, drink and speak. Eating and drinking were not mentioned, and it was said that after surgery I might actually be able to go back to work on television.

Success in such surgery is not unheard of. It didn't happen that way. The second surgery was also intended to restore my speaking ability. It seemed to hold together for awhile, but then, in surgeon-speak, also "fell apart."  continue reading


Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Need to Earn Extra Money?
Can you dress up like a princess and read a fairy tale.  Do you have some spare china and tulle?  Can you  make a tea sandwich and cut it into a flower shape?  Have I got the business for you!!

I was looking online for some birthday party places in our area.  Sera's birthday isn't until April, but she's obsessed, so I figured I'd better start coming up with a plan. I already told you her plan.

The main problem is where to hold her party.  She wants everyone to come to our house.  Our home is not set up well for parties.  At least not parties of more than 4 people.  We have a nice large room we want to re-do on the 2nd floor.  When we do, it would be a great place to send the kids while the adults stay downstairs in the living room.  As it is, we'd all have to be in one pretty crowded room.

In my searching, I found the perfect party planning service for Sera. They host tea and other girl-friendly parties for young girls complete with china, tulle covers for the seats, a trunk filled with hats, boas, etc... and best of all, you can book Cinderella to appear.

The most basic package is $28 per person with an 8 person minimum.  Cinderella is another $150 per hour. Holey Smokes!  By the time you add cake, favors, etc..., you're looking at over $500.  That is insane for a 4-year-old, and you should see the add-ons.  They'll provide princess dresses, make up, fashion show/runway, invitations/thank you notes, and they have theme parties, too.  Your kid wants an American Idol karaoke, luau, spa party, etc...?  They're in luck.

These parties could easily hit $1000, and they don't even provide a location!!!!  I can't imagine their business is booming in this economy, but I could be wrong.

While Sera would absolutely adore this party and having Cinderella show up would be her dream come true, it ain't happening.  I'm just glad she hasn't figured out how to Google yet. 


Thursday, January 14, 2010
Where Does She Get This?
Last night Sera and I were driving home after her gymnastics class.  She was planning, as usual, her birthday party.  The fact that we went to one last weekend certainly helped spur on this discussion, but, to be honest, she talks about her birthday party almost daily.  We didn't have a party last year.  I don't think we have a choice this year.

She was naming different girls and which Disney princess dress they should wear.  Oh yes, she definitely wants a princess party.  Then she started talking about the boys in her pre-school and how they could dress up as princes.  Somehow, I don't see that going over quite as well.

She has selected her entertainment.  "Daddy can play the guitar and sing while we all dance."  I don't know if he's aware yet.  He'd better start her rehearsals.

She's even choreographed the beginning of the party.

"When my friends come and ring the doorbell, you can call upstairs for me.  I'll yell that I'll be down after I finish putting on my makeup."

It's really hard not to laugh in the car when she starts going into these details, but I want to know where she gets it.  I rarely wear make-up, and if I do, it's usually just mascara and lipstick.  I don't think I've ever yelled down the stairs that I would be down after I finished.  As far as I can recall, there's not been a scene like this in any of her princess movies or shows.  Unless SuperWhy, Sid the Science Kid, or Dinosaur Train are dealing with subjects that I'm not aware of, she's doing this all on her own.

Why does the thought of that terrify me?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Early Mornings
"Mommy! I need to go potty!"

Look at alarm clock - 4:00 AM.

"Go ahead."

Sounds of bathroom activity.

"Mommy! Can you help me wash my hands?"

Why, oh, why didn't I wait to teach her about handwashing until she was tall enough to reach the faucet from her stepstool.


Handwashing takes place.  Stumble back to bed where Sera waits patiently for me to settle in before climbing up and over me to lie inbetween Jim and me.

While this takes place have the dog bark wildly and loudly because he's jealous.  He's not allowed on the bed.

Drift just to the edge of sleep.

"Mommy, my belly hurts.  It's hungwy."

"It's too early for breakfast.  Sleep a little more first."

Drift just to the edge of sleep.

"But, mommy, I need pillow!"

Hear sounds of shifting and snugglilng.  Daddy must have dealt with this.

Drift back to sleep.






Okay, okay.  Get up, and head to shower.

"Mommy!  Whatcha doin'?"

"Going to take a shower."

"Mommy, are you going downstairs?"


"Mommy, I hungwy."

"After we're dressed, you can have breakfast."

And how did your day begin?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010
A New Year

I've really fallen behind in posting, and that makes me mad at myself.  There are lots of little reasons - none good.  Probably the biggest one is that by the time I have some quiet time to sit down and write something, I'm too tired.  No excuses though.  This is how I record our memories of the little things that we might forget, and I need to get back on it. The picture has nothing to do with this post.  Wonder Woman went to a superhero birthday party last weekend. 

Here's one story I've been meaning to share.

Christmas this year was very exciting.  Sera completely got the whole Santa thing.  She watched Dora's Christmas special over and over and was very well informed about the dangers of the naughty list.  Swiper had to do an awful lot of work to get off that list. 

Because she was so excited, Jim and I were sure this would be the first year of being awakened pre-dawn to see what Santa brought.  To our surprise, we woke up before she came to our room.  My next thought was she just didn't wait for us.  I walked in to her room to find her sitting in the middle of her bed with the saddest face I've ever seen.  When I asked her what was wrong, she looked up at me with this sad face and said, "mommy, there is no Santa."  To translate, she was telling me that Santa hadn't come to our house.  Her response when I asked her why she thought that was to tell me that she'd listened all night and never heard his jingle bells, so he no come.  I reminded her that Santa wouldn't come when she was awake so maybe she didn't hear the bells because she was sleeping.  She wasn't buying it.  I carried her to our room where she repeated her sad tale to daddy.  He suggested that he go downstairs and let Shadow out.  While he was down there, he'd check and see if Santa had been by and come back to let us know.  This gave him a few minutes to get the video camera turned on and the remote in his hand.

Even after he came back and told us that it looked like Santa had visited, she wasn't buying it.  We had her wake Theresa and go downstairs.  When she saw her new dollhouse, she squealed with excitement. 

Santa had come after all. 

She's still talking about that naughty list.

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