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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Referral Day
It's official. The next batch of referrals have arrived. This was a good batch. August 24th had a huge number of dossiers logged in so the fact that they made it past that date is very, very good. If they process the same number of dossiers next time, we stand a good chance of being matched in January. This is assuming that we'll receive another batch for November and one in December. If they increase again like they did this month, we could see something in December. January/February is still more realistic. After such a rough beginning of the week, it's good to get some positive news.

Congratulations to all the familes who were logged in during August 2005!


Blogger Kate said...

Movement is a good thing, no? It may not be fast and it may not be efficient, but at least it's moving somewhere.

Somewhere pretty darn cool, in fact.

Blogger Magi said...

You got it! It's starting to feel real again. :o)

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