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Monday, October 23, 2006
Winter Comes Early

Wow, is it cold outside. Snow flurries were actually falling when I left school today. Tonight's forecast calls for our first accumulating snow. Bah! Don't get me wrong, I actually like winter and enjoy the first snows, but I loooove Fall. This early winter is taking away my beatiful Autumn leaves too quickly. One big advantage of the cooler temps is Jim and I can do a Sam's or grocery store run and stop for dinner on the way home without worrying about the groceries melting.

We hit Sam's today and decided to try out a new chain restaurant that opened a few weeks ago. It's one of those quick-service Mexican restaurants that claims to have free-range, etc... I've been to a few other versions of this type of restaurant, but we hadn't tried Chipotle's yet. I wasn't impressed. Here's my review.

I will confess one of my food issues here. I am almost pathologically disgusted by the taste and texture of fat on meat. As a child, I would dissect my food to ensure not one speck of fat remained. I'm not that bad in public now, but it still makes my skin crawl. I ordered the carnitas burrito bol. It's all the insides of the burrito served in a bowl instead of wrapped in a tortilla. My very first bit of pork included a huge fat glob. That just set the wrong tone for me. It was served with lime rice, black beans, roasted corn & green chile salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce. When I read the ingredients, it sounds good, but it just didn't work. The rice was too limey. Instead of complimenting the other flavors, it seemed to overpower. The rest of the carnitas was fat-free, but it also didn't really have any flavor. All in all, the best I can say is it was filling. It also seemed pricey to me. Jim ordered the crispy taco plate and chips & salsa. Add two small cokes and the total was over $15.00. For $15.00, we can go to our favorite local Mexican restaurant that has wonderful food and be waited on. Next time, we'll go back there. I usually prefer to go local versus chain anyway and Chipotle's didn't change my mind.


Blogger Colleen said...

EEEWWW!!!!! That goes for the Snow...and that fatty meat and such. ICK!!!

Blogger Pamela said...

It's always my preference to have more meat than fat too! haha! Love to try new restaurants, especially Ma and Pa's and Mexican is our favorite, but it has to be clean. My primary concern is cleanliness! We've got cold weather too. Try to stay warm! :)

Magi... as a child I couldn't stand even a speck of fat on meat ( and still can't!!) So I would have given the restaurant a thumbs-down too.... I always look forward to going out to eat, and it's such a downer when the meal doesn't live up to your expectations.


Blogger Barb said...

I do NOT like Chipolte's. My daughter took me there. My food was gross - it was cold. I'll never go back.

When is your baby due? I'm just curious. I'm fairly new to your blog and didn't even realize you're pregnant until I looked at your sidebar. You must be soooo excited. Do you know the sex of the baby yet?

So far our autumn is hanging on. We seem to have a threat of the first snow constantly but so far, nothing. It usually snows like crazy on Halloween night and we get lots of freezing and wet little trick or treaters at our front door.

I'm really looking forward to your Sharing Gifts from the Heart on November 6th. Seems like the holidays just suddenly are upon us! But that seems to happen every year.

I enjoyed this post. And I couldn't agree with you more about the yucky food at that "restaurant."

Blogger Magi said...

When I started this blog, it was very obviously an adoption blog. As I've tinkered with it over the months, it is no longer obviously about adoption, so my sidebar information is misleading. We are currently in our 13th month of waiting. :o) We're trying to compete with the gestation period of an elephant, I guess. We don't know gender either as we didn't specify in our request to adopt petition. We are, however, expecting a girl as most adoptions from China are girls. I answered you here in case anyone else was wondering. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUK, fat on meat....I've always been sickened by that and still am. every speck will be cut out....LOL Bummer about the 15.00 restaurant experience. I've never heard of Chipotle's but if it comes around here, I won't be so curious...LOL


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