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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Hodge Podge & Baseball

I found this really cool website from another blog. It lets you make your own WeeMee. I think I'm going to put one on the sidebar and change her to reflect my current circumstances. I actually found this over a week ago and was going to post these two to celebrate going to the ALCS games. Blogger wasn't cooperating that day, and I couldn't get the images loaded.

Why, you ask, am I posting them now? Well, ignore the picture on the left and add a gray sky to the one on the right. Yep, Jim headed off this morning to Detroit with a ticket to game #1 of the World Series. What a crazy 17 hours just passed.

This story has to begin with an observation. Have you noticed that when men are friends, they bond by insulting and abusing each other? Jim's best friend called him last night around 7pm to tell him that he wasn't going to need that extra standing-room-only ticket next Saturday because he now had a ticket with an actual seat. He and his boss were going. They work for a local grocery store chain and one of their big sales rep had given them 2 tickets. In the course of this conversation, D happened to mention that the tickets said they were for game #1. Jim then told him that wasn't next Saturday, that was today. D wasn't sure because the date wasn't on the ticket. The play-off and World Series tickets aren't dated. They just list the game number because the dates can sometimes change. D realized then that his boss had a conflict as he was supposed to be heading off to see the Indianapolis Colts play today. He called his boss and his boss decided to stick with the football game and told D he could have both tickets. D called Jim right back and invited him along. So, yes, Jim is off to see his Tigers play in game #1 of the World Series, and the ticket was free! Can you believe it? He was like a boy on Christmas morning. Of course, the sky is gray, the temps are low, and it may even rain a little bit, but nothing can darken his mood now.

What will I do today? I think it's a good day to hit Babies R Us and Target. I see a grande nonfat mocha, no whip in my future today.

I also want to remind everyone about the upcoming meme, Sharing Gifts from the Heart. Have your ideas ready by November 6. I'll have the site ready to take links that day!


Blogger Colleen said...

Ooohh...Starbucks and shopping. Sounds like a great day!

Blogger Pamela said...

Wow, good for Jim, way to score a ticket to the World Series! Hope he has a great time! :) Guys! :)

Anonymous Jim said...

D is a total loser!

Blogger Magi said...

And that's Jim and D's way of saying hello to each other. :o)

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