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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Thanks for the Memories!
Though it didn't end the way we hoped, it was still an amazing season. Jim and I made more trips to Detroit and saw more games than we ever have. I saw about seven games. Jim easily went to twice that. Who knew on day one of the season that it would end with the Tigers at the World Series. Just the fact that they made it there is just amazing.

Last spring, Jim and I went to Traverse City for part of our Spring Break. We usually go to Gulf Shores, but this year we didn't want to make such a big trip. At that time, we still were hoping we'd receive our referral and travel fairly soon. We figured a few days in Traverse City would be one of our last "couple" vacations before becoming parents. Even though it was early April, northern Michigan fooled us. We woke that Monday morning to a snow storm. The wind was icy and blowing hard. We headed out to a wonderful local bookstore and spent the morning reading and drinking coffee. The snow stopped, the sun came out, and we headed out looking for a place to watch the first game of the season. It was Opening Day. We looked in the tourist guidebooks and found a listing for a sports bar. Off we went! The sports bar turned out to be a tiny hole in the wall in the back of the Holiday Inn. There were about 10 tables, no other customers, and a bored bartender. We ordered a snack and settled in to watch the Detroit Tigers begin their season. Slowly other customers drifted in. Some businessmen who brought their laptops so they could continue working as they watched the game. Several ladies wandered in and out as there was some sort of conference getting ready to get started down the hall. I don't remember what it was for, but well-dressed women wandered in and out of the sports bar. They were meeting new friends, finding old friends, and having a drink while they waited for their conference to begin. As the game progressed, the room warmed up. People started cheering the good plays and chatting across the tables. We saw Chris Shelton begin his powerful hitting streak that carried him through the first month of the season. We saw a spark in the Tigers that day, but never dreamed how far it would take them.

Today, we planned to be standing at Comerica Park watching game six of the World Series; unfortunately, this series ended with game five. Instead, we've had a quiet day at home. We treated ourselves to lunch at a favorite local steak place. I miss my Gulf seafood, but the midwest is great for steak. I had a filet mignon sandwich with two filets on it for $6.79. Half of that sandwich is now in my fridge waiting for me to get hungry again. A quick run to Michaels to buy embroidery thread and beads for my business class, and then a stop at Target to buy totes and ingredients to make a big pot of vegetable beef soup. That's not the worst way to spend a sunny, but blustery day. It's funny how similar in feel today was to day one -- minus the snow.

Jim has been so consumed by the Tigers, especially lately, that he has to come down to earth a bit. He was very contemplative today as we talked about our child over lunch. Rumors are hot and heavy that things are going to pick up and we may actually see a December referral. I'm almost afraid that by typing that I've jinxed us. We have a lot to do to get ready. When you wait as long as we've been waiting, you kind of go into a holding pattern. It's like being frozen in limbo. There's much to do, but doing it reminds us of how long we've waited, and of how long we may still wait. We started the nursery this summer when my sisters visited and painted their murals. It's time to assemble the furniture and get the room set up. To launder the piles of clothes we've been given and put them in drawers or hang them in the closets. It's time to get Shadow used to that room and what his limits are. It's time to buy plugs for the outlets and figure out how to hide the cable/TV/computer cords. It's time to buy safety gates and block off the stairs and kitchen. It's time to pick out a high chair, stroller, and car seat. It's time to sew that 100 Good Wishes Quilt; at least I've finally started the scrapbook! Wow...the list keeps growing, I'd better get to work.


Anonymous Erin said...

I was thinking of you last night as I watched the end of the game. I can commiserate about sports teams not quite bringing it home---I'm from Philly and we are longing to have a winning team. Any of our teams--we don't care which one, please!!

I, too, need to get the house ready for a baby but the with the long wait, I haven't been able to bring myself to do it just yet. I did just buy my 1st baby toy for her but that's been it.

Blogger Pamela said...

Wish you all could have seen game 6, but at least you got some good playing time prior during the World Series! Wow!

Oh Magi that sounds so exciting! December would be just so perfect! I will keep you in my prayers! I love that you are going to get to decorate the baby room!

Blogger Mr. McClain said...

156 days to Opening Day 2007!

Blogger Colleen said...

You better get crakin young lady - as it could happen in December. Even if it doesn't (and my head won't go there...) the holidays and all will fly by. Then you will really be in a panic. Our darn nursey has been done since last April. "sigh"....

Blogger Barb said...

What a nice Christmas gift that would be. I can't imagine how hard all this waiting is. But I so hope the waiting ends for you this December, Magi. Your plans sound so nice and yes, you'd better get busy! That's a long list of things to do but I'm sure you're loving it.

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