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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
It's been a challenging couple of days at work. I hate to be a tease, but I can't share details. Let me just say how sad and frustrating it is when a child reaches out for help and their parent is the one who blocks the way.

I wasn't going to blog today because that's what has been going on with me until I read my emails today. I had a lovely one from another blogger. I went to check out her blog and this post had me crying with laughter.

It reminded me of a story about my sister and I. She is two years younger than me, and we shared a bedroom for most of our childhood. I don't remember how old we were when we got to choose a new bedroom set. I'd guess I was around 10-12, so she'd have been 8-10 years old. We were very excited about this bedroom set because it looked like a living room set in the daytime. It was two twin beds that met at a right angle. There was a large corner table to serve as our nightstand. One bed slid underneath the table to form a loveseat size couch while the other was full length. They had these firm bolster like pillows that were placed against the wall to form the back. The bedspread was fitted over the corners of the bed. It was a very 70's looking piece of furniture.

Being two years older, I was usually up later. My sister would usually be asleep when I went to bed. Even if she was awake, she usually fell asleep while I read. She was a very deep sleeper, but would become easily confused when she was awakened. She later developed a sleepwalking problem. On this particular night, I had just settled into bed when I heard her stirring. She started to get up, I assumed to go to the bathroom. I thought she would find it really funny if I sat up in bed with my hands crossed over my chest and said, "Good Evening" in my best Dracula impersonation. She screamed, fell back into the bolsters that we stacked every night in front of the closet, which was, of course, open. The bolsters collapsed when she fell into them. She and they tumbled into the closet. Clothes, toys, and what-not rained on her head as she screamed and screamed. I was laughing hysterically until my parents came in. Then I was backtracking big time as I tried to explain that I hadn't meant to scare her. I thought she'd laugh. Even though I can see how terrifying it must have been for her in still-asleep mode, I have to confess that the memory still makes me laugh. Maybe I'll grow up someday. I wonder if she's forgiven me for this one yet?

In case you're wondering about why I chose that picture. I have wonderful memories of staying up late and watching movies with my sisters. I always loved that scene in White Christmas when they sang the song, Sisters.


Blogger Barb said...

I'll bet she has forgiven you, Magi. My poor sister Bev had to forgive me for a lot worse than this! But I agree with you, just picturing that little Dracula fiasco had me laughing. It's always so funny, right up until your parents come in. Not so funny then. :-)

Blogger Carol Ann said...


But the song Sisters from White Christmas is so much better when Bing & Danny did it... I love seeing Bing crack up in the middle of the scene...

Wish I had a sister... but I have an awesome brother...

Carol Ann

Blogger Pamela said...

White Christmas is one of my very favorite movies too. I just love the old General and how everyone and anyone would do anything for him!

You precious memory made me laugh so hard I cried! I could just picture it all so well even with your parents walking in and you going into rapid defense mode. Too cute! Thanks Magi!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any wonder that she became a therapist!


Blogger Kate said...

That's a wonderful story. Truly wonderful. *Inspirationally* wonderful.

My sisters are probably coming here for Christmas. They're 15 and 20. I'll let you know if I'm able to set up something analogous. Must remember to keep the Halloween costumes available...


Blogger Magi said...


Be sure to leave the closet door open. It really adds to the effect. :o)

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