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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Well, Are You?

Have you watched this show yet? It's fantastic! Jim and I have gotten such a kick out of it the last two nights. It's on again tonight, but it's against Scrubs. I'm not sure which will win that tug-of-war. It's on a bit late, but it would be great to watch with your kids. Jeff Foxworthy makes a great host. He may not be saying those redneck jokes, but you know he's thinking them.

Now on to American Idol, Marcia commented earlier today and echoed my thoughts exactly. Antonella has to go, and so does Alaina. Haley and Leslie can have really nice careers in a cover band or whatever lounge acts are called today. The rest of the ladies are awesome. Jordin is very talented, and with a little more experience and growth will be an amazing singer. She's so close, but you can tell she's young. I think she'll stay around awhile with the teen vote.

I love the stories behind Melinda and Lakisha, but I'm worried they'll cancel each other out. They're so much alike, in my opinion. I really like Gina's rock sound and thought she did a pretty good job with the Heart song last night. Sabrina was also excellent. I only heard the recap of Stephanie's song, so it's hard to say how she did. I will go on the line right now though and predict the final three will all be women.

To Do List:

Get referral - check
Get visas - check
Get I-171H renewal - hmm...not yet
Get TA - ::sigh:: not yet

Updated to add: Jim, play nice.
Edited again because I forgot that everyone doesn't speak adoptionese: TA = Travel Approval from China. Once we have that, our agency can make our appointment at the U.S. Consulate, then we can make our travel plans.

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Blogger Jacquie said...

Hey, I think blogger is letting me post comments today!

I'm with you..... where's our TA?

Blogger Colleen said...

Antonella is only there because she is pretty.

Don't like that show right now...I actually don't like anything right now....


Blogger Barb said...

OK, it's driving me nuts, so I'm just going to ask because I'm clueless about this. What is TA?

I watched 5th Grader for the first time tonight. Rob loves it and insisted I watch it with him. It's scary. Some of the 2nd grade questions had me stumped but hey! I knew that there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon!

I'm still betting on Chris Bligh and Melinda Doolittle - love them both.

Anonymous Jenny said...

I totally forgot that this show started. I really wanted to see it too. Maybe next week I guess. I LURVE Jeff Foxworthy. :)

Blogger Jim McClain said...

Barb, TA is travel approval. It's adoptspeak. You should hear it when she rattles off form numbers. That's really impressive!

Blogger C.J. said...

Hah! I'm back! I can post comments.

Why is Sanjaya still there...and the Antonella chickie, cannot.sing.at.all!

Other than that, I watch no tubage ;0)

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