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Monday, February 26, 2007
The Angst and the Agony
Isn't it amazing how much we vest ourselves in our hair? Believe it or not, I'm not a vain person. I am far too casual to be vain. I put makeup on everyday, but I put it so it looks like I don't have any. Maybe I am vain in my own way? I'm a jeans and comfy shoes kind of girl. I love a high heeled shoe as much as the next woman as long as she's the one wearing it. I pride myself in being able to go from bed to car in 30 minutes.

I knew those days would be ending next school year when we add Sera into the morning equation, but I didn't see this coming.

Over the weekend, I fixed my new do three different ways, and had Jim take photos. I was undecided on which look best and was going to let you vote. I had styled my hair differently each day last week to mixed reviews. Some days all the kids liked my hair better. Other days, it was the adults making the comments. When I looked in the mirror, I was more comfortable with the style that looked the most like the one I've been wearing for years.

Tonight, I finally downloaded the pictures and saw them for myself. Wow, my hair looks completely different in the photos then it did in my bathroom mirror mere seconds before the picture was snapped.

We really don't see ourselves, do we?

Anyway, there's no need to show all the pictures. It was quite clear how my hair looked best.

And it is so not the way I thought. I like my hair curly. It curls naturally. It's an easy wash and wear look, and it's the look my students all liked best. The adults all commented on the straight hair. When I wondered aloud why that was so, Jim proposed the theory that it was because the straight hair makes me look younger and the students prefer their teachers looking older. I don't know. I do know he's made the looking younger comment several times about the straight hair.

You know what this means, don't you? I'll be getting up 20 minutes earlier just to straighten my hair in the morning. I might even buy a flat iron.

It seems I am vain after all.

Note: In this picture, I am laughing at Jim because he had just looked at the first shot where he accused me of having crazy eyes. I saw the picture when I downloaded them all tonight. He was right. It's the tabloid shot they'd use to show I'd lost my mind.

And that worked well to keep my mind occupied for the week while the CCAA was closed for Chinese New Year. Now, where's my TA?



Anonymous Sandra said...

You look beautiful! I really like it! You know, it's funny, because I bought a flat iron a few weeks ago and started styling my hair a little differently and I also started getting comments that it made me look younger. Go figure...

Blogger C.J. said...

You look lovely!

I had to give up my flat iron. My hair is so baby fine that the flat iron just cooked me into the crack ho look...not good a'tall!

Most people do fab with them though :0)

Blogger Melissa said...

My flat iron is a must have because my hair is sooooo curly and THICK.
I am lovin' your new do - sassy and sexy!!!!!
I cut my hair that short 2 years ago, and I swear, I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack! But it cut my hair blowing time in half. Men just don't understand that. (esp. bald men)
funny, 'cause I look younger when I let my hair dry curly.
Now how vain am I...I just spent this whole comment talking about MY hair!

Blogger Colleen said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! I think its nice that you can wear it either way, but in China...you won't be straightening your hair thats for sure. I have a flat iron that I love, and I love when my hair is straight - but I hate doing it. Only good thing is you can do "2nd day hair"...hope thats not gross to anyone. but when I have my hair straight - I don't wash it the 2nd day. Works nice sometimes.

Anyhow - love it, love the cut - love the straight.

Anonymous Wendi said...

Very cute style!

Yes where is our TA?

Anonymous Erin said...

I love the new do! It looks really good. I must say that I love my flat iron, but I had to find a good one. The 1st one I had was terrible and I couldn't understand why everyone raved about them. Anyway, it takes a little practice but I usually like the way my hair comes out. And as Colleen said, it turns out even better on day two.

Blogger Kate said...

Very pretty! Certainly a good style to make you a MILF. ;)

You look beautiful! It's a great cut on you!

Blogger Susan said...

Looks great! I recently broke down and got a flat iron myself. Definitely spring for the CHI if you decide to get one. Those cheapies are a waste of money. I like mine straight, but my husband likes it curly. I have such thick hair that curly is much easier and I don't even have to dry it, but it's nice to have options :)

Magi... So, so cute and great 'Mommy' hair!


Blogger Marcia said...

I love it! It is one of my favorites on you! I like it straight!

Blogger Redheaded Chick said...


I know your dilemma! I have to say that I do like the shorter hair on you...shows off your face more. I think it looks good straight, but probably would also look good curly! I have naturally curly hair, and almost never straighten it...too lazy! My hairdresser straightens it. My husband likes it both ways, but most people prefer it curly. I think they are just used to me that way. I do recommend a flatiron though...get an ionic one...much easier on your hair. I am not coordinated enough to do a good blowout, and I find the flatiron really helps. It's always nice to be able to have another look if you have the time and the desire!

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