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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Now What?
Okay, I managed to stretch my hair issue out for over a week. What other inane topic can I focus on while we wait and wait and wait for TA?

AI- boys night tonight

Gilmore Girls- not as good as it used to be, yet I still need to know what's going on with those girls

Heroes- enjoying this show, but have missed the last two weeks. Apparently there was a really good adoption reference last night. I'll have to take their word for it. Maybe I'll catch it in reruns.

Lost- love it! Hands down, this is my favorite show on TV. I don't even mind the mysteries dragging on. It's original television programming. I'm going to enjoy the ride as long as I can.

Battlestar Gallactica- this has to be the second best show on TV, and probably the show you're not watching. It's nothing like the original, if you remember it. It's a compelling drama that is well-written and has some of the best acting on the small screen.

Studio 60- what a shame. I loved the cast and thought the show had such potential. I think we're the only ones who were enjoying it though.

M&Ms- plain or peanut?

Okay, this isn't working. How about we just get our TA?


Blogger C.J. said...

Well, I don't really watch TV so let's stick with the M&Ms....pland AND peanut ;0)

Blogger Colleen said...

LOL!! I like peanut M&M's!! :-)

You should hear any day right? Usually TA's then referrals?

Oh I LOVE BSG!!! Loved it when I was a kid and love it now!! See, I knew I liked you Magi!

Blogger septemberfirst said...

(Comment on the last post): your hair looks GREAT!! Definately different from what you had, but in a good way. You are far braver than I!
2 days(!)- Kelsey

Blogger Susan said...

Addicted to AI and thought the guys did MUCH better last night.

Lost is our fave too. We are totally hooked and got your sis and bro-in-law hooked as well!

Studio 60 is not gone yet! Still a chance it might be saved. They are filming the rest of the season. Love that show!

Anonymous Sandra said...

Peanut M&M's all the way!!! I am not impressed with the guys on AI this year, although last night was better

Love Lost. Hate that it was moved to the 10pm time slot. Comes on too late for us now, so we have been taping it.

Plain M&M's. Yum!

Blogger Marcia said...

I SO love Lost...and I also dislike the later time slot. I liked it earlier...would tivo it and then zip through it...now, it is hard to wait for it to be over to watch it on tivo...too late!! :(

BTW, Antonella has GOT to go!!!

Blogger Jim McClain said...

At first I thought "AI" stood for artificial intelligence. Then I realized you were writing about American Idol and my suspicion was confirmed!

Dark Chocolate M&Ms RULE ALL!

That's okay Jim... I usually first think 'Artificial Insemination' ! lol Shows where my train of thought has been!


... oh, an me, I just like those good ole Peanut M&M's myself, thanks!

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