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Saturday, December 09, 2006
I'm Not, I Promise

I promise I'm not usually a Grinch, but boy did I feel like one today. And it's all the fault of....

I'm amazed that I ever used to love shopping. I detest it now. Jim and I headed out to do some errands. K's Merchandise is going out of business, so we wanted to see what they had in the stroller/car seat/play yard/high chair arena. The store was crowded, but it wasn't bad. People were polite. Someone asked if we needed help, and even answered our questions. How sad when we are thrilled with the most basic attempts at customer service?

The problem came with stop #2, Target. I should know better, but we had to stop. We needed gift wrapping for a birthday party tomorrow, plus we needed a lamp for the living room. Our lamp died a sad and horrible death, and we've been living in the dark for far too long. We're going to put a light/fan fixture up, but decided to wait until after Christmas. I couldn't take the dark anymore, so we bought a temporary lamp that we'll move to the guest room when we get the ceiling light.

Crowded I can handle. It's the rude and stupid that drive me insane. Like the woman who came to a dead stop in the middle of the aisle to stare blankly at the endcap. She managed to bring three carts, mine included, to a dead stop. One woman actually screamed, "arghhhhh." This finally snapped the daydreamer out of her daze and got her moving. People were just cutting everyone off at the aisles and pushing their way through. We had a list of things to get at Target. After getting cut off a few times, Jim looked at me and said let's get out of here. We paid left and decided to try one more stop.

We headed to Borders because it's always calm there. Even when it's busy, it's calm. I like to walk the store, pick up some things I'm interested in, head to the cafe for a drink, and sit at a table going through and deciding what to buy. If the tables are all full, I can usually find a chair somewhere, but not today. I walked that store several times and no one was moving. There was one college-aged guy at a table for six with his homework spread out and not a single Borders item in sight. Not even a drink! I remembered how frustrated I used to get when I was one of the managers there with the students who used the store as a study center during the Christmas rush. We paid for the one gift we found and headed home.

This is why I prefer to do my holiday shopping online. Since both of our families live in other states, it's easier to ship that way, too. We still need to grocery shop, but I'm not going back out there today.

Now to bring the tone of this post up, how about something for free! I don't know about you, but I love Jiffy cornbread. It's the one I've made for years. It's cheap, easy, and tastes great. They're offering a free cookbook if you visit their site. So go already!


Blogger Melissa said...

AHHHHH! I HATE shopping!!!!! That's why I always finish x-mas shopping by November - the latest!!!
my daughter's Nintendo DS just died last week, so I have been trying to find another. After going to about 1,000 stores filled with rude people, I found it late last night.
Now I'm done!

Thanks for the tip. I love recipe books, especially when they are free!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I refused to go shopping after Thanksgiving...especially the day after and on weekends. Week days are usually OK. I am sorry you met with some rude people, there is no call for rudeness.

I also LOVE Borders. At many coffee shops you are required to purchase something if you want to sit there. Borders should make this a rule.

Hugs! Have a GREAT DAY! Thanks for the Jiffy tip and for the prayers for my Dad.

Anonymous Sandra said...

I love Borders, too!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea...Melissa had her shopping AND wrapping done by like....Halloween!! LOL!! I cannot stand the crowds either. I did alot online this year.

Oh and...ME LOVES Jiffy cornbread. Whats better than when its all warm with LOTS of melted butter??? YUMMMMM!!!!

Blogger Barb said...

I know exactly what you mean. In situations like that I always want to shout, "Does anyone around here even remember what the season is all about?" Amazing that people get so frantic that they completely forget.

Anonymous Erin said...

I feel your shopping pain. Rude people with shopping carts drive me CRAZY. Who stops dead in the middle of a crowded isle??? Drives me absolutely insane. And have you noticed how narrow the Target isles have gotten? Seems they want to pack so much into the store that there's no room left for the shoppers.

I also went to Target on Sunday. I spent the rest of the day nursing a migraine I got while shopping. It wipes me out.

Anonymous Schnozz said...


Just stopping by to let you know that the kindblog site has moved, and your sidebar link is no longer working. Please update your link to http://chookooloonks.typepad.com/kindblog. Thanks!

Blogger Kristen said...

Ugh....I'm a wierd female. I've never really enjoyed shopping. I mean, I love new stuff, but can definitely do without the crowds. Especially this time of year. Last Saturday I took all three kids with me to the mall...alone...which was the biggest mistake I have ever made. EVER. Never again...by myself...at Christmas time!!

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