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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Adoption Update Time & a Video!
It's update time for our adoption. The CCAA posted today that they have processed all dossiers sent by September 9, 2005. As you know, our dossier was submitted on October 13, 2005. What does this mean for us, you ask? It means we're getting very, very close. I had already let go of my hope that we'd have a referral in 2006 and started to resign myself to a 2007 referral.

Rumor Queen has been doing a great job with number crunching and has proven to be pretty accurate the last few months. With this latest news, she's done some more number crunching. Pretty much, no matter which scenario she used: best-case, worst-case, good-case, bad-case, whatever, we should be getting our referral in two more batches.

Assuming there's another batch at the end of December, we should be in the batch at the end of January/early February. You might think I'd be upset about more delays, but I'm not. This may actually work out very, very well.

With an early February referral, we'll probably travel in early April. The first week of April is our spring break. That gives us an additional week that we can use for our leave. Because we started the school year so early this year, our last day of school is going to be May 31. This should work out so I end up finishing the year with my leave. We won't even have to consider daycare until we start back to school in August. This will gives us a good chunk of time for us to do some heavy-duty attachment parenting and bonding and get firmly settled into a routine.

My original hope had been for us to have a similar scenario for last spring. While I wouldn't have volunteered to wait an additional year to get this scenario, I am pleased that there is a silver lining to our extended wait.

Now for that video I promised...the best benefit I've found from blogging are some of the wonderful people I've met. One of my newest "blog" friends is Sandra at Jazzie and Tahlia. She has two beautiful daughters that were adopted from China. Her family photographs are just stunning. She had this video posted on her site the other day, and I just loved it. I hope you do, too.


Blogger Jacquie said...

Ok, you just gave me something else to think about. Off to go look at my school calendar and find out when my spring break is. Way to go, you!

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