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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Did You Hear They Moved?

I would love to claim this story as mine, but it isn't. Jim shared it with me the other night. When I said it would make a great blog entry, he gallantly offered it to me even though he has his own blog.

The other day one of his students came into class wearing a University of Michigan hoodie. Spontaneously, Jim offered 5 Jolly Ranchers to the first student who could name the city where this university is located.

The students named a couple of cities in Michigan, but not the right one. One was smart enough to ask if he had been there. When he said yes, the student triumphantly yelled, "Detroit!" Uh, no. He did tell them it was near Detroit though. More conferring occurred before someone asked for a clue. They asked what letter the city started with. He told them an A. Finally, someone decided to look at the tag on the hoodie. This student then shouted out, "April!" April? Jim asked them how they came up with April. The student replied, "A - P - P - A - R - E - L, April!"

Wolverines, I hope you enjoy your new home.


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