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Monday, September 24, 2007
On The Road To Recovery
My daughter is a nasal genius. Tonight, while Jim was going through the bedtime routine, Sera let him know that she wanted a wipe. Isn't it amazing how clearly children can communicate non-verbally? Anyway, he handed her a wipe. She covered her nose and blew. She needed a little help with the clean up. But still....she blew her own nose now. Maybe this is normal, but I was amazed when Jim told me the story.

She added a new word over the weekend, cheese. She's over American cheese for the moment. When she says cheese, she wants string cheese. She got quite the kick from saying the word, too. On Sunday afternoon about five minuts after finishing her cheese, she came to me said cheese and signed more. I asked her if she wanted more cheese. She started cackling and ran to the baby gate blocking the kitchen. I swear she was bouncing as she waited for me to catch up.

Steven Spielberg need not worry about competition, but here's a quick clip of me picking up Sera from daycare today. I want to have a record of her being so happy to see me. That way when she's 13 and I'm the stupidest person on the planet, I'll have this to remember.



Anonymous Sandra said...

Aaaw, how sweet. What a cute little smile she has!

Blogger Kate said...

Very cute! What a great way to start your evenings...

Blogger Kristi said...

That was the cutest thing I have seen! Isn't it great to be so loved? :) Glad she's doing so well.

Blogger Jacquie said...

That video totally warms my heart. :)

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