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Monday, September 17, 2007

We, finally (I know, we're bad), weaned Sera off her last bottle. I would give her a bottle of formula every morning to drink in the car on our way to school. The last can I bought was really big and I had to use it up, y'know? I knew I couldn't justify buying another, but she really enjoys her morning treat. She's pretty good about drinking her milk, but milk wasn't cutting it for the ride. I guess it wasn't special enough. I'm also not opposed to her getting some extra nutrients in the morning. She gets breakfast at the daycare, but it's two hours after she gets up. She needs something to tide her over. I usually bring a waffle or some dry cereal for her to snack on in my room until I take her downstairs. That still left the morning drink dilemma. I tried one of those vanilla Pedialyte-type drinks. She barely touched it. Then I read on the RQ forum that some people were using instant breakfast drinks to get some additional calories into their child. Sera is small. I figured a few extra calories won't hurt her, so I tried it. She loves it, especially the vanilla flavor.

That leads to this morning. I mixed up the strawberry flavor. It's her second favorite. We had an issue last week with one of her straw cups. We were out of town for the day. I had brought only one, and the straw was split. I made sure to test it this morning. No splits. The strawberry yumminess easily flowed through the straw. Too easily.

We get to school. I'm loading up the SSV (Sera Support Vehicle aka the stroller) while Jim gets Sera out of the car. He tells me she's soaked. I'm surprised for a moment. She went through a diaper already? So much it leaked? And then I checked the car seat and saw pink milk. The non-leak straw cup that's never leaked before leaked. She was soaked from waist to hem in milk. I got her inside and took off her pants. The onesie underneath had a nice pink stain across her hip. I wasn't too worried because I knew I had a spare outfit in the daycare.

My prep period is later in the day. I like to run downstairs and watch her. They're usually eating lunch around that time. When I peeked in, I saw she was in another outfit. She's never gone through three in one day before. I checked with the department chair who is also in charge of the daycare, but she didn't know either. I found out why when I picked her up after school. She took a header off a caterpillar rocker and hit the ground face first. She'd had a bloody nose and got a fat lip. Other than the puffy lip, she was fine and happy when I got her. I hate that I wasn't there when she got hurt, but I know she was taken care of and they'd have gotten me if it were really serious.

I didn't realize until Kiy posted that I'd gone a week without a new picture. This isn't new, but it's never been posted either. I'll try and do better.

As I mentioned the other day, my sister has received her letter of approval from China. She's started a blog, so now you can meet her and her gorgeous family. We're all very excited about Ava coming home.

And, finally, a big thank you to Susan at As We Wait For Lily Kate for this lovely award. Susan lives across the street from Marcia. When Sera and I visited last July, we had dinner with her and her husband. They're, obviously, waiting for their daughter. They're a super nice couple, and I can't wait to meet their daughter.

Now, it's my turn. I'm to nominate seven bloggers. It's hard to narrow you all down, but here we go:


I think I picked seven who haven't been nominated yet. You ladies rock!



Blogger Kiy said...

A Sera picture! Whoooeeee! And, I made your blog, twice. Wow. Honestly gal, you will never know how much you gave to me (and probably many others) while you were on your "go-to-get-the-wonderful-Sera-trip", aka: China). You gave me strength and knowledge, two things I am in dire need of. Often.

Thank you for the nomination. Wow, serious compliment. I am speechless (which never ever happens, just ask DH).


Blogger Colleen said...

Aw...thanks Mag!!! How sweet of you.

Poor sweet Sera with the fall. One of many - right??

I am so excited for your sis!! YAY!

Blogger i-Con said...

Thank you sweets! So nice that I have you fooled! I did victimize 7 nice people a few weeks back :0)

I love that Sera is a stain magnet. I can soooo relate ;0)

SSV - cute :0)

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Okay, I can't believe I'm going to admit this to you but our son was drinking out of a bottle until he was about 21 months! Granted, we switched him to whole milk in the bottle at a year but still. My husband was actually the one that couldn't give up the bottle for our son. Finally, one night after Snuggle Bug had gone to bed I packed up all his bottles in a box and put them away up high. My husband asked, "Can you leave just one out?" and I told him, "Absolutely not!"

Once I got rid of the bottles, we tried various sippy cups until we were told by a family member to try the Nuby brand sippy cups. The spill proof spout is soft and my son likes that. You should try those! :)

Oh, and if you have time to design my FIF Sandwich Edition button, I would be forever grateful! But if not, I understand. Just let me know either way.

Anonymous Sandra said...

Thanks Magi...that was very sweet of you!

I agree with the poster above about the Nuby sippy cips. We use them still....

Cute picture of Sera and how exciting for your sis!!!

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