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Thursday, September 13, 2007
The Key To Your Child's Scholastic Success
This week I had parent conferences at school. I have a light load of students this trimester, only 78. I usually have closer to 100. I also had the highest number of parents show up for conferences this year, 29. That's huge! I've been lucky to break 10 some trimesters.

Of those 29 students, can you guess how many had As and Bs?


Three of the students had Fs. Those parents I really needed to see. The other 26 were nice to see.

Of my 78 students, can you guess how many parents besides those 3 I needed to see?

Only about another 10, but it would have been really nice to see them.

Do you really think it's a coincidence that the students with the highest grades are the ones whose parents come to conferences?



Blogger Beth said...

Really something isn't it?

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

I always go to my kids conferences, always. I don't understand parents who don't. I mean... Aren't your kids important enough to know what is going on in school?! I am not at all surprised and I'll bet those three with f's grades go up a bit since the parents seem to care.


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