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Monday, September 24, 2007
And How Was Your Weekend?
Ours was spent at home, thank you very much.

As I mentioned on Friday, Sera started running a fever on Thursday night. She didn't have a fever Friday, but she wasn't herself. She was also congested. On Friday night, Jim came upstairs complaining about his elbows and knees hurting. He thought maybe there was a weather change coming and he was starting to feel it in his joints. He went back downstairs to let the dog out. When he came back up, he mentioned that he was shivering. It was not cold. The weather wasn't changing. We took his temp. FEVER!

He was down for the count all day Saturday. Sera was still congested and whiny all day. That night before I put her to bed, I took her temp again. She felt a little warm to me. It was 99.7. More Tylenol and a cotton sleeper before putting her to bed. She woke at 2:30 AM and was just inconsolable. We sat together in the rocker in her room until 5:00 AM.

On Sunday, Jim was fine, Sera was about the same, but no fever, and I was wiped out.

Everyone woke up this morning feeling better. Here's to a good week!



Blogger Kate said...

Hope everyone's well and truly on the mend!

We had a fabulous weekend. Seriously. Just good family-time, well-behaved children, minimal illness (at least until after the fun part as done)... amazing stuff.

Glad that everyone is feeling better. That is fantastic that Sera can blow her nose. That is a hard task to learn.

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