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Friday, September 14, 2007
Back to Normal
Jim and I have had a tradition/habit for several years now. To celebrate the end of another week, we go out to dinner. Well, before Sera came home, we went out to eat a lot. It was just so easy. And with only two of us, it was sometimes cheaper to just eat out instead of cooking. We still go out to eat, but not nearly as often with Sera.

Anyway, today was our first "real" payday. The summer gets long and that first check is always welcome. Jim was in the mood for some seafood. I adore seafood. It is, by far, my favorite food, and Sera loves fish. We first thought about B*nefish Grill, but we were underdressed and it didn't seem like a baby-friendly idea. Instead we ended up at that ubiquitous lobster restaurant.
I've spent most of my life living near the Gulf Coast. I was spoiled. Seafood was always fresh. We locals scorned that red restaurant. Who would come to the Gulf and eat at a restaurant that serves frozen mass-produced seafood? We took pride in the fact that we never ate there. It took years of living in the mid-west before I'd agree to go. I admit, it's not bad. If you order right. I'm extremely picky about seafood. I love fish, but haven't been too impressed with their offerings in this area. Oddly enough, I don't like their lobster. They're too small and too tough. Nothing is worse than overcooked seafood. Everytime I've had lobster there, it's been overcooked. They do a decent fried shrimp. Who can mess up a fried shrimp? I really like their clam chowder. But that's not a dish I ate a lot on the Gulf Coast. In fact, it was a trip to San Francisco that showed me the joy of a good bowl of clam chowder. Here's the dish that I found I will always like at RL.

They do a really nice steamed crab claw. I love crab. And now I know that Sera does, too. I could not get the meat out of those claws fast enough for her. Jim and I laughed when we saw it on the kid's menu. Considering how much she ate of mine? She's getting her own plate next time.



My favorite place to eat seafood in the Gulf Shores area (when we visit in-laws in Lillian, AL) is Wolf's Bay Lodge...have you heard of it? I LOVE their fried shrimp.

Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Oooh, steamed crab claw sounds fantastic!

That's so cute that Sera ate enough to justify getting her her own plate next time. :) She has good taste!

Blogger E R I C A said...

I'm allergic to shellfish and don't like seafood, but I go to Red Lobster simply for their warm cheddar garlic biscuits. Yummmmm....


Blogger Gail said...

Can't say that I have ever eaten at a RL, being from New England.
But the pic looks pretty good!

Blogger Tammie said...

Too funny about Sera eating the crab. Erin pulled a crab leg out of my hands when she was around 3. Now she's hard to please. I have to take the crab out of the shell for her.

RL is definitely not my favorite place but it works for us. I grew up on Long Island where there was always a nice supply of clams & such. Oh no. I'm hungry now for some steamed crab!

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