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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Time For a New Doll
I think we need to go shopping.

Last Friday, daycare brought out a basket of clothes and let the kids play dress up. They had so much fun that on Monday they brought it out again. This explains why Sera was so interested in helping Jim put on socks and me put on slippers over the weekend.

She's actually been showing interest for weeks on putting on her shoes and socks. She's put them on both her dolls and her own feet. By putting them, I mean literally laying them on top of their feet.

Yesterday, she put her sock on her foot. Her foot was actually inside the sock. Not all the way in, just the top part, but still....on her foot. She lifted her foot in the air to show me. She had such a proud grin on her face as I reacted.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to repeat it again last night. I know that day is coming soon though. I can't believe she's already showing signs of dressing herself.

I guess we need to buy one of those dolls that teaches you how to dress. Or maybe we should just buy clothes for the two she already has. Hmm......

Check out Jim's observations of some of her changes this week.



Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

That is so super cute and they sure do grow fast. I got my grandbaby new shoes, two pairs, one dress, one sneakers. She loves them!

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