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Friday, March 23, 2007
You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

And there you have....The Facts of Life.

First, the bad...

oil leak
freon leak
bad O-ring in A/C compressor
bad bearing in right front wheel
etc, etc, etc...

Then the good...

None of it could have been prevented, this stuff shouldn't have happened to the car, so it will be covered by the warranty. Well, all but about $400.00 worth of stuff they found it needed while they were looking, new plugs, and stuff. Since it would have probably cost a couple thousand otherwise, we're happy with this news.

The odd thing is that we park our car in the garage. Not a drop of any car fluids on the floor. Where was this stuff leaking to?

The even better...

Our bank rocks. About a month ago, we asked for new bills for our China cash. We told them we'd need it for the end of March. At the time, I thought I was giving us a week or two leeway. Hah! We ARE leaving in March. They called about a week later to say they had it in the vault and would hold it for us. We went to pick it up today. We ended up needing a lot less than we'd asked them to get as we were able to wire many of our fees. I figured I'd go through what they were holding to pick the best because everyone had been saying how hard it had been to get new bills. They had all brand new uncirculated bills waiting for us. The only mistake they'd made was to not hold some smaller bills for us. The clerk painstakingly and good naturedly went through her cash drawer and picked out perfect bills for us. Now that's service!

One more day at school My sub is going to go through the day with me, so I just have to be there in body, not spirit.

Last document notarized. All paperwork copied and assembled for travel.

Can you stand it????



Blogger Stacy said...

So glad that the car is under warranty. That is a HUGE relief, I'm sure!

I had no idea we needed to ask for the new money so far in advance. Thanks for the tip. Great service!

Enjoy your last 'quiet' weekend! :)

Blogger C.J. said...

That's some way good 'even better' :0)

Blogger Marcia said...

Why new money?????????

Anonymous Sandra said...

I can barely stand it; how about you??

Blogger Melissa said...

wooooo hooooooo, you're ready!!!
I worked at a bank for years, and you would be suprised how many of our customers traveled over seas all the time, and we were always having to order new bills, or if we had no notice, had to go through our money on hand looking for new bills.

Blogger Tammie said...

Too cool that the car stuff is under warranty. I'm waiting to bring my matrix in because I don't want to hear about the bill. Of course the maint reqd light is on all the time now so I guess there's no choice.

As for the money, I work at a large bank. When I traveled, we got the money in, & every teller there helped me go through it. The customers just had to wait. I'm glad your bank was able to get the new money. Right now it's pretty hard to get truly new currency. I just helped friends who are leaving in a few days.

Blogger Colleen said...

I sure hope our bank lives up to their promise.

WOW Magi...its almost time.

Blogger Kristi said...

I'm so excited for you!! I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip. You reminded me I need to contact our bank :)


Oh my gosh, this IS so exciting!!!


Blogger Marcia said...

I just looked at this again and have to add another bad...Jo's hair in that "Facts Of Life" picture...not liking the mullet!

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