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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I've circled the cities where we'll be staying in China. I didn't circle Shanghai, but if you look above Guangzhou and to the right, you'll see Shanghai.

We have confirmation. We're definitely leaving on March 27th. We'll be flying American Airlines flight from Chicago to Shanghai and then Shanghai to Beijing. Coming home we'll fly from Guangzhou to Shanghai and then on to Chicago.

It's really happening!

And now for the mail bag...

(Those of you out there who are more experienced feel free to jump in. I'm winging it.)

adaptors/converters - The converter is used to let our appliances work in China. I think this is where that 120/220 thing comes in. The adaptor just allows the plug to fit in the outlet.

thermos - It's used to carry hot water with you. The babies are used to very hot bottles. You mix the hot water with regular bottled water when mixing the formula.

ziploc bags - These are to protect and/or contain leaky items. It can also be used in place of packmates. A lot of people will pack an entire outfit in a ziploc and then squeeze out all the air. This reduces luggage space and organizes your clothes.

luggage - We're taking one 26" to check and one 21" carry-on each. I will also use the backpack diaper bag as my personal item. We're not filling the 26" as it would be too easy to go over the weight limit. This should give us plenty of room for souvenirs. Jim's carry-on bag will contain the electronics: laptop, cameras, and related paraphernalia. My carry-on will contain spare clothes, baby stuff, and emergency toiletries in case our checked luggage takes the scenic route. On the way home, we can always choose to check it, if necessary.

Okay, time to get back to work.



Blogger Colleen said...

OK - Oh my god!! This is happening!!

Thanks for the update on the "goods" for China. I just cannot believe you are only checking ONE suitcase. I am freaked about not having enough room in 2!!

Blogger Monica said...

Hey Magi! I'm so excited for you!! If you visit the orphanage, could you ask about Xiao Long...who knows when we'll ever get travel dates!! Have a safe trip! Monica (Liangping yahoo board)www.carteradoptionjourney.blogspot.com

Anonymous Sandra said...

How exciting to have some REAL plans!!!

Anonymous wendi said...

Oh Magi can you believe it! I am still in shock. We won't be flying together. Boo hoo! We will be flying Northwest from Indy to Detroit. Detroit to Tokoyo. Tokoyo to Beijing. We will be ariving in Beijing at 9:25p the 28th. I can't wait to meet you in Beijing!! Now all we need is the baby day date.

We're leaving on a jet plane....

Blogger Barb said...

This is so exciting, Magi. I love the way you're posting step by step all the final preparations. So, so fun. I'm beyond happy for you. :-)

Blogger Marcia said...

wow! I am so impressed that you are checking in only one suitcases. I hope that I am that good when I go. It will make it so much easier!

Blogger Marcia said...

oh yeah...still waiting on some pix of the nursery :) BTW, I'm really glad that your "having" a girl! I think the flowers would be a bit much for a little boy.

Blogger Magi said...

I already let Colleen know, but I better mention it here before you all get too impressed. That's one suitcase each. Not just one suitcase. I'd be impressed, too.

The nursery pictures are coming. It's taking longer to finish then I thought. My nights are going so quickly. Last night, I emptied the closet and set up the closet organizer. Tonight, I'll get everything back in the closet. We're making progress.

And yes, the nursery is much more suited to a girl. If we'd gotten a boy, Jim was going to repaint the room so it looked like you were standing on the field in Comerica Park. :O)

Blogger C.J. said...

Holy moly! I'm just getting myself back into the thick of the blogs and here you are SO CLOSE to China time. Whew!

It sounds like things are super organized and you are sooooo ready. Now, how in the world do you get any sleep at night?

Magi, are you taking three checked bags or two? I'm obsessing, I know.

SO excited to follow your trip! I hope you're blogging from there but if not, I look forward to a recap when you get back home!

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