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Monday, March 05, 2007
Strike Up The Marching Band!

It's a good day in adoption and our world today. Let me count the ways, not necessarily in order of importance:

1) Referrals today for those logged in between 10/14/05 and 10/24/05.

2) Our updated I-171H (U.S. immigration approval to bring home Sera)arrived in the mail.

3) TAs arrived at my agency today. They're working on our travel dates, but are hopeful for early April.

4) Jim and I both had to do our group presentation (different groups)tonight for a class we're taking to renew our teaching licenses. This should wrap it up for me. I can get that paperwork rolling now. Jim has one more class to take and will be doing it as a summer course. We'll be good for another five years now.

It's not such a good day for many of our friends who were very hopeful of a referral today. It's hard to get through even when you know you are next, and you are Colleen, Alyson, and everyone else.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo!

Blogger Esther said...

Neat blog! We are adopting too & I write about it on my blog ;o)

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