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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Still High On Baby Love
Believe it or not, school was cancelled again today. This cold weather is really kicking our butt! Jim and I headed out this morning to one of our favorite restaurants. They serve breakfast, but we don't usually get to partake of that meal there. Today, we decided to treat ourselves.

After breakfast, Jim dropped me off at my school, while he headed off to his. We decided that a few hours in school without students sounded like a great opportunity to get some lesson plans created for when we're gone. Besides our referral packet was being fedexed to my school.

The packet arrived right on time. It contained hard copies of the photos, medical info, and a bunch of other paperwork. I checked and made sure everything was there and then went back to my office and got to work. After four hours in the concrete center of the building, I was more than ready to go when Jim called. I packed up and headed out to find...

It's like adding insult to injury! Actually, it was very pretty. We had about 40 minutes before our appointment at the doctor's office, so we stopped at the camera store and got copies made of Sera's pictures. I have one for my wallet, my night stand, my desk at work, and the living room. She'll be with me everywhere I go. Jim got a set for himself as well.

The weather had gotten so bad we decided not to risk another stop before heading to the doctor's office for our consultation. Now let me explain how this works. Two years ago, when we had our adoption physicals, we asked our family doctor if we could bring in the medical records for review when we got them. He very enthusiastically said yes. Since he is a family doctor, we plan to use him for Sera, too. A few months ago, when we had our second adoption physical to renew our immigration approval, we cleared this with him again.

Yesterday, I called the office to let them know we'd be receiving the records today and could we stop by for the review. They wanted me to drop them off and have them get back to me. I was not comfortable with that idea at all. When I explained that it wouldn't work as I had to overnight my acceptance, the receptionist had no solution. I then suggested she just put me down for an appointment.

That's the appointment we headed to this afternoon. We get there and I explain, once again, why we're there as I clutch my file folder containing Sera's records and photos. I'll cut to the chase and say that we ended up having to ask them three times to let us speak to the doctor, the doctor who had agreed on multiple occasions to do this. 55 minutes after we arrived, 45 minutes after our appointment, they finally put us in an examining room. There we waited for another 30 minutes before the doctor came in. He looked over everything, said it looked good, and told us to bring that baby home. While thrilled to be told that, we were still annoyed at the run-around we had received. Jim asked him why this had turned into such an ordeal. Apparently the office manager was in a tizzy because Sera isn't a patient yet so officially the visit couldn't be for her. Since it wasn't for either of us, our insurance wouldn't pay for it. We then said we'd be happy to pay his consultation fee ourselves, and he said we couldn't because that violated his agreement with the insurance company. All this for a 5-minute visit that he had told us several times he was more than willing to do.

Oh well, it's done. She's beautiful. She's healthy. And she's ours! The acceptance letter is signed and on its way right now.



Blogger C.J. said...

End result = fabulous news!!

Blogger Jacquie said...

Ugh. Don't you hate stuff like that? That was the most frustrating part about this whole process for me. Just depending on everybody to do what they were supposed to do. Ugh.

But so glad it turned out well! Yay!

Our letter should be arriving at FTIA this morning by 10:30. Maybe we can get a March travel date after all.

Blogger Jacquie said...

Oh, and we made a bajillion copies of Lily's photos too! Heh. She's freakin' everywhere! :) We're such new parents aren't we?

Blogger TimandKim said...

What ever happened to the days that a doctor would let you come in his office to talk over a file? Geesh...
All that matters is that soon, she will be in your arms!

Blogger Colleen said...

OK that would have annoyed me SO bad. BUT....all is good in your world and glad you made it to the appt. and home safe! :-)

So...when ya traveling?? LOL..

Blogger Kate said...

I've been out of commission for a few days, nothing serious - just illness and then heavy workload, blah blah blah. So I'm just now arriving and reading your announcement... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm just thrilled to pieces for you. Sera is beautiful and don't you just itch to kiss those cheeks???

Very, very happy for you. Quick, go get the pre-baby massage and chocolate now, you'll be too busy after April to give yourself adequate attention!

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