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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Snow Day

Good thing I did my errands yesterday. We're snuggled in today with the fireplace going. We had about six inches of snow last night, and it's still going. It's so pretty when you don't have to go anywhere.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are having a heat wave here, 35 degrees but it is supposed to be in the single digits for about 2 weeks. Don't you just love fireplaces! We have ours going almost every night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brrrr.....I'm going to Target ;0)

Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's getting warm here, and the sun is shining. I want a real winter but unfortunately I live in Texas.

Blogger septemberfirst said...

i hope so too :)... although, for some reason i'm thinking the first full week of february (next week) we'll hear. i've been wrong in all my predictions up to this point, so we shall see :).
i had to smile when i read your post about target... i have a major list to take there this week- i think we'll be pretty much set when i get everything on the list.
best wishes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What??!!! I don't get over here for a couple of days and you're that close to going to China? What am I missing here? Are you kidding me? Oh, my word, Magi.

OK, calming down here. I truly don't know what to say. I'd say you did fine at Target. You're all set. Cameron's pediatrician alternates Children's Tyleno and Motrin, too. I have no idea why. And you'll get used to the snot sucker. It won't even phase you when you see how much it helps a baby with a stuffed up nose.

Oh my. I feel like I'm out of the baby loop! Details, please. :-)

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