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Monday, January 22, 2007
Love It, Hate It

The buzz is everywhere. American Idol is back. Blogs are talking about it. The media asks if it's too mean. You couldn't escape it if you tried.

I love American Idol, but I'm not watching it now. I never watch the audition part. I get physically uncomfortable for the people trying out. When they sing badly, and so many do, I actually hurt. When their dreams are crushed, I feel crushed for them. I didn't catch on to the phenomenon until more than midway through the first season. When the second season started, I was all set to go. I watched and cringed. I hid my face. I couldn't stand it.

When they got down to the final dozen, I started watching again and found the show I enjoyed. Now don't get me wrong, I can be as critical as the next guy when they blow a song, but at least they can sing. It's the obviously deluded ones during the audition phase that cause me agony.

I think there are two kinds of Idol fans. Those who prefer the audtions, and those who prefer the competition afterwards. Nothing is wrong with either; I'm just squarely in the second camp. All you Idol-lovers, I'll join you in a few weeks.


Blogger Barb said...

We're big fans, Magi. And I do watch the auditions but like you, I feel awful for the ones who actually believe they can sing and it's so obvious they can. I sense the judges trying to be at least a little kinder this year but still some of them are so hurt.

I watch the auditions because I get a kick out of trying to pick the winner. Last season I did it! The minute Taylor Hicks auditioned, I told Rob, he's the next American Idol.

The one thing I hate about AI is Paula. I'll never understand why she's even there. Randy's OK but my hero is Simon because he's honest. Painfully so sometimes, but he doesn't pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

Next to Survivor, I look forward to AI more than any other show all year long. Oh! Except for the Academy Awards! I'm hopelessly hooked on those, too. Sigh.....

Blogger Barb said...

That first paragraph should have said, "when it's so obvious they CAN'T." I'm way too tired tonight to delete that whole comment just to fix that one word! :-)

Blogger Connie said...

Some of those poor souls auditioning have no honest friends or they would have known better that their talents lie elsewhere. Ouch!...for them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually like the middle part - after the auditions but before they get down to the final 12. I'm not crazy about the auditions but I do enjoy watching (cringing with the rest of you when the judges are mean) and I like the final 12 too. But the middle part is my favorite for some reason!

Blogger Melissa said...

You need to make a third group - I am of the third group, I love the auditions AND the competition part. heck, lets make a fourth group, those who enjoy watching Paula drunk off her butt!

Blogger Magi said...

Okay, the watching Paula group could be the most fun of all of them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me LOOOVES American Idol. From beginning to end baby!!

So....anyhow...shouldn't we be talking about your pending referral instead of Idol?? God I am sick over here thinking of you.

Blogger Magi said...

I just had to think about something else for a little bit. The anticipation is killing me. Will we, won't we. Will we, won't we. Arghhhh!!!

Watching auditions ( and Paula's weirdness ) is pretty amusing!!!!


You are next in line for referrals!! HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the utter lack of realistic self-perception fo rmany of the auditioners painful, and while, sure, it's sad when their dreams are crushed, it's also about darn time that they get an honest opinion.

It's that old, honesty/niceness conundrum. But me, I would actually rather KNOW when the pants make my ass look big, you know?

I half-watch the auditions, and really enjoy the Hollywood auditions and narrowing from 24 to 12. Then I get bored, but I watch for loyalty's sake.

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