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Friday, January 26, 2007
Don't Watch!

It's the proverbial watched pot, but we're not boiling yet. Hopefully, we'll have some adoption news early next week. It's the weekend now, so we won't be hearing anything for the next few days.

As far as weekend plans, I think I hear Target calling my name. I just hope that the forecast for snow and ice holds off long enough for me to get some shopping done. I'm a grade A chicken on icy roads. I have a huge list of drugs we're supposed to pack. I can buy those without knowing age or gender.

Hey, that reminds me. To all your experienced parents out there. Do I really need both children's Tylenol and children's Motrin? Aren't they pretty much the same? Why do I see directions to alternate them? Why is my head filled with questions like this right now? And I've got to tell you that nose aspirator thing looks pretty gross.


Blogger Connie said...

Nasal aspirator = good

Not a Tylenol fan myself...Motrin preferred (better in my opinion).

Be careful on the way to Target :0)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, they do serve different purposes. The motrin is a better fever reducer. The tylenol is a better pain reducer supposedly. You alternate the 2 to help yourself or your child continually feel better, & it does work! My own mom did this with me when I was growing up, & I use it on my daughter. BTW, the motrin worked better for the teething also. AND, I didn't buy the name brands. I buy all my OTC meds in the Walmart Equate brand. An RN I know recommended it - much cheaper & works the same way!

Blogger Jacquie said...

EXACTLY! The watched pot. Perfect. It's driving me insane.

Not that I would know why or anything, but I was told both too. I've been working on our packing list over the last year and the medication secion scares me!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for following along with my journey. I hope to see lots of OCT DTC posts while in China. Just think, everyday I'm closer, is another day you guys are closer.

Can't wait to see the board flooded with referrals. I'm going to try my best to check in with you guys while in China.

Come on REFERRALS!!!!!

(less than 24 hours to go!)

Blogger Melissa said...

I was gonna say just about everything Tammie said. It's true. We always have a bottle of Motrin AND Tylenol in my house.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK - so I need to know what you ended up getting at Target. Was there last night - without my list - freaked out and left. LOL!! (OK I bought 2 tank tops for myself and a new front door rug - since Copper ate the other one).

Good luck - be careful!

Anonymous Sandra said...

Totally agree with Tammie. For my girls, Motrin works MUVH better for a fever and Tylenol works better for pain. If you alternate the two, you can give meds more often versus one alone...

Anonymous Erin said...

I'll echo the crowd. They contain different ingrediants and work differently. Just watch the dosing schedule. Motrin is every 6-8 hours, Tylenol every 4-6. It's very important that you don't give too much. I prefer Motrin over Tylenol (seems to reduce fever better/longer.) I also buy store brand.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

(I know this probably won't apply) Do not give Motrin (ibuprofen) to baby under 6 months! Only Tylenol for children 6 months and under. You need to know an accurate weight of child to give correct dosage, if I'm not sure I always go down a bit and it seems fine. Many pediatricians have samples of both medicines so you might be able to "stock up" that way! :) Generic is fine, my kids do seem to prefer grape flavoring over cherry, etc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. I pray you hear quickly and that things move very smoothly! I am so very excited for you!

Ibuprophen reduces swelling and relieves pain caused by swelling. If you sprang an ankle for example. Tylenol works better to reduce a fever, mild headache, that sort of thing.

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