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Sunday, January 28, 2007
A Holiday You Don't Want To Miss

When you have a long distance romance, you get to know each other in a different way than you might in the same town. You communicate by phone, IM, email, and packages, at least that is how Jim and I handled it.

As modern as it may sound when you throw the technology terms around, it is really a very old fashioned way to be "courted". I learned Jim's nightmares and dreams before I learned his style of driving. We had shared childhood reminiscences before we shared a meal.

One of my favorite ways we got to know each other were our monthly packages. Approximately once a month, we'd send each other a package. My package to Jim might contain some homebaked cookies, a few of my favorite novels, a movie or a cd, or a copy of a dozen pictures chronicling my life from birth to present. I would scan them and place them in a Word document. Jim's packages to me were similar, but also contained stacks and stacks of comic books. We shared what we loved to read, watch, and listen while we shared our personal history. Part of the box space was always saved to return the items from the previous month. These weren't gifts so much as exchanges of pieces of us.

One of the writers that Jim introduced me to during that time was Mark Evanier. First, in a comic book trade weekly called The Comic's Buyers Guide, where he had a column, and then his book of collected columns. I enjoyed his writing, too. Mr. Evanier left the weekly, but Jim found his blog and has been able to continue to enjoy Mr. Evanier's writings, as have I. He writes of life as a writer in Hollywood. His stories are engaging and span decades in the industry.

In honor of my husband, I am proud to join the ranks promoting Mr. Evanier's favorite holiday, National Gorilla Suit Day. It's only a few days away, so you still have time to dust off your favorite gorilla suit and join in the fun.


Anonymous Sandra said...

How romantic! DH and I did the long distance thing (we were on different continents!). It was hard, but I am so glad we made it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drat! Where DID I put that gorilla suit.

How wonderful to do that long distance thing and have success.

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