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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I was reading this blog today, and I thought she had a great idea of talking about subscriptions. I love them. There are several variations out there. I have Bloglines. Now while I realize I'm so riveting, you want to check me every day. I also accept that there might be some people who just want to look at my site when I have something new to say. I think this would be especially handy for my family.

When you set up an account with Bloglines, you can subscribe to any blog that is signed up with them. This includes some major news sites (CNN) as well as blogs of every size and description. Their menu is too vast for me to list here. Go check them out here.

Once you've set up your account, you can subscribe to new blogs when you see a link that looks like the one above, or other similar ones. My link is located on the right side towards the bottom. I currently have about 22 sites saved to my Bloglines account. It's great because I can take a quick look and see what's new at those sites without having to actually click into each one. It saves me time, and lets me know when there's something new to read. Check it out!


Blogger Pamela said...

Thanks for your encouraging words regarding bloglines. I have been meaning to give bloglines a try, just a little chicken. It would be so handy, just a bit leary when they say you have to have a word in your post that allows the post to be properly placed in the sidebar. Thanks for your sweet comments Magi!

Blogger Colleen said...

Why are so many people so "blog Savy" and I am not? Maybe I just don't spend the time - too much time spend just stalking blogs I guess. I like the idea tho!

Anonymous Pass the torch said...

Gosh I feel really smart now! Somebody referenced me on a techie subject!

It is a handy thing, isn't it??

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