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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Living in the Past
A recent discussion on the Rumor Queen's board has sent me down memory lane.

I went to college at Florida State University from January 1983 through December 1985. I had received my AA degree through our community college so entered college as a junior. That first semester I joined a business fraternity and got to know a wonderful group of people. Unfortunately, I'm only in Christmas card contact with most of them, but I think of them often.

The memory that came back to me was our Sunday nights. We would gather together in someone's apartment. Crumpets would get toasted along with more typical college snacks, and we'd settle in to watch The Young Ones. If you've never heard of this television show, you are not alone. It was a British comedy that aired on PBS on Sunday nights. It was about four young men who shared a flat. They were crude, disgusting, kind of icky, and hysterical.

Well, words really can't describe them. You have to see for yourself.


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