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Monday, September 25, 2006
Referral Day

And all I can say is unh. It's not the worst, but it's far from the best news. Dossiers through August 9th have been matched. This means we're inching closer. As a reminder, our dossier was logged in on October 13th.

It's taking them approximately 3 months to get through one months worth of dossiers. If that remains true, they'll get the middle of August in October and the rest of August and early September in November. September should be a very light month as many people who sent their dossiers to China in late August through all of September weren't logged in until October. There were various rumors back then about the delay. I seem to recall a computer problem being the reason. Assuming a light month, the rest of September could match in December.

There are no dossiers logged in from October 1-7 as this was a holiday, so with a 13th log in, we're actually the first week in October logged in. This means January is a possibility. If September splits into 3 instead of 2 months, it could be February. Finally, if they finish August in October and do September in November since both months are supposed to be light. There is still the slimmest possibility of December. This is now reaching the highly unlikely.

That really stinks because this means we will have to renew our I-171H. The I-171H is the permission by Immigration to bring home an orphaned child. This will add an unexpected and unwelcome expense of close to $2000. Now you see why I'm really hoping for referral by December. Well, that and because we've been waiting FOREVER and are ready to have our child in our home.

Send your thoughts towards China and ask them to speed up for us, would ya?

Now let's switch to happier thoughts. Yesterday, my agency DTC group moderator hosted a cybershower. It crossed several months, I believe. We had moms with LIDS from September to November. There may have been a December, but I'm not sure. Most of the ladies lived within driving distance to her home, so they met there for the shower. Those of us who couldn't get there participated via Yahoo Messenger and a webcam. It was a lot of fun talking to my agency friends, plus we received some lovely gifts. Barb was matched to me and sent us a wonderful child's pink backpack with a water bottle on the side. Inside there was a matching plate, bowl, cup set, several Sandra Boyton books, a princess purse with matching earrings, hair clips, hair band, and hair twists. It's all adorable. Thank you again, Barb!


Blogger Pamela said...

Magi, I hear the sense of anguish in your voice. The whole process is so painsakingly slow. I will pray that things will be sped up especially around the holidays so that you can have you child with you by Christmas!

The Cyberspace shower sounds like it was great fun! :)

Blogger Melissa said...

WOW! You just made my head spin with all those dates!
all I know is that you are much closer than me. Wanna trade?
I just keep telling people "this time next year" I have been saying that for 3 months now.
That's a safe answer right?

Blogger Krista said...

I was hoping for some better news for you all as well. I guess it could have been worse, but it certainly can get better. Here's hoping for an upswing!

Blogger Colleen said...

You are right our posts are near identical!! God I soooooo hope they do speed up! I want a Christmas referral...now really, is that too much to ask? :-)

Blogger jaj said...

Our LID is a month before yours and each month it seems just out of reach, doesn't it. I know what you're feeling...

Blogger Lineberry said...

You've crystalized my thoughts with that "unh"! Tick Tock, Tick, Tock.....

LID 10/19

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