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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Works For Me Wednesday!

I never used to get sick, and then I went to work in a public school. Spend approximately 7 hours in a closed room with approximately 120 students and all their sniffles and coughing and I get a cold. I usually get at least one within a month of school starting and then sometimes a second after Christmas break. A cold would be no big deal except they always seem to end up in my chest. Most people will have a cold for about 7 days. I'm good for 3-4 weeks. This year I decided to try a new product to see if it'd work for me. Unfortunately, I was out of town when the symptoms started so I was about 12 hours late with the first dose. As soon as I got home though, I started drinking down my fizzy water. Here it is 7 days later, and all I have left is an occasional cough. It should be completely clear within a day or two as I know my body. This cut down by sicktime dramatically. I wonder what would have happened if I had started 12 hours earlier. What worked for me? Airborne!


Blogger Mom2fur said...

Wow, it's always good to know a product works! Check out my reply in Jessica's (TheHomeCast) blog regarding vitamins. I think Airborne is full of vitamins, isn't it? I haven't had a cold in almost 3 years and I'm a big believer in vitamins. Well, now I work in a pediatric office, so we'll see how long my good luck streak lasts. But if I feel like I've got a cold coming on...I think I'll go out and try this stuff!

Anonymous Barbara H. said...

I always like to hear "real people" stories about products. Good to know this works!

Blogger Katrina said...

Thanks for posting about this. I've seen the product at the drugstore, but always wondered if it really worked.

Thanks for the tip. I hate buying things if I don't know if they work...

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Blogger Larae said...

I'm going to have to try to find this somewhere before "cold season" starts up. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give this to my children before going into crowds during sick season! We use half an adult tablet instead of the children's version as the pharmacist suggested.

Blogger Pass The Torch said...

I've heard so many people swear by Airborne. My friends tell me they take it with them on trips and use them preventatively. That way they don't get sick while away either.

Thanks for dropping by my WFMW! It's fun to find educators in the blogosphere!

And I love your blog title - taught me a little German today;)

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