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Friday, August 25, 2006
Latest Update

Wow, what a blow. Each month I've said that we'd know more the next. It doesn't appear that is going to be the case. For reasons known only to them, but I have my suspicions, China does not appear to be increasing the referral speed. Referrals arrived yesterday with no warning. That was the good part. Unfortunately they only included the dates between 7/14/05 and 7/22/05. It was hoped and predicted throughout the adoption community (okay, the RumorQueen's site)that this batch could include some, if not all, of August. That July has now been split into three months is a very bad sign.

There are many theories as to the slow down. The one I'm believing the most right now is that China does not like all the attention it has been receiving. It embarrasses them. They're have been some high profile adoptions (Meg Ryan), a huge scandal involving an entire province (Hunan), and documentaries outlining the effect of too many boy children. Add this to the increasing media attention as we get closer to the 2008 Summer Olympics, and you have motivation for China to make this program less enticing. I believe the slowdowns are intentional. I haven't always, but I do believe now.

When our paperwork was submitted in October 2005, I never dreamed the possibility that we would not receive a referral until 2007. That seems a very real possibility now. This, of course, will mean that we have to re-submit a lot of paperwork as our immigration approval will probably expire before we complete our journey. There is a bill in Congress addressing this issue. I will continue to hound my congressman, who has yet to acknowledge my letters, to support this bill. See this post for more information.

Sorry to end the week on a bit of a downer. I'm really not as depressed about this as most people who are responding on the adoption boards. We're in it for the long haul.


Blogger Barb said...

Stopping by here real quick too. I read this and just had to tell you the thing that really stuck with me was that you're in it for the long haul. What a great attitude. Sounds like this is all very frustrating but having the right attitude and the level of patience you obviously have will hopefully make it a little less frustrating for you.

Blogger Colleen said...

You have a great attitude on this. better than me right now...but I seem to go thru this each month we get disappointed with the amount of referrals that come out. We are also in it for the long haul - no matter how long it really ends up being. I need to get better with my feelings, I know this. I just want my baby so badly - I know we all do!

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