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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Longer than an Atlantic White-sided Dolphin

Out of curiousity, I looked up what animals have a 10-month gestation period. The first one I found was the Atlantic White-sided Dolphin. Today is 10 months for us since becoming "paper pregnant."

At this point, I would say the best case scenario would be an October referral. The more likely scenario is December. The worst case is March-April 2007. Since we were originally planning a March-April 2006 referral, I still can't believe it's come to that.

The nursery is making more progress. We now own a crib! It's in the garage in pieces right now, but will be assembled soon. I promise to put up more pictures when everything is finished.

I'm also sporting lovely new highlights. I had my back-to-school cut and color on Friday. I love getting my hair done. It's just so relaxing. My hair looked so great when I left that I tried to convince the woman at the salon to come to my home every morning at 6am. It's hard to imagine, but she turned down my offer.

It's back to school tomorrow for two days of meetings, catching up with fellow teachers, and getting our rooms ready. Kids start on Wednesday.


Blogger Tracie said...

For some reason that I also don't understand, my hair stylist won't come to my house at 6am every morning either. What is wrong with them??

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