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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Works For Me Wednesday!

I've been reading the WFMW tips for a few weeks now and have loved them. I thought it was time to jump on board. Actually, I planned to jump on board last week, but went out of town instead.

My problem was coming up with a tip for this group of people. It seems like everything is pretty much covered already. I did, however, think of one that I started when I was single and lived alone. It's still handy today. When I cooked for one and a recipe called for chopped onions or green peppers, I rarely used a whole one before it would go bad. I got into the habit of chopping up the whole thing and tossing the extra into a small freezer bag. Then the next time I needed chopped onions or peppers, I could grab a handful from the freezer. If you're cooking with them, you can't even tell they've been frozen. I still do this because sometimes I'll notice that my bag of onions is on the verge of growing or the peppers are starting to wrinkle before I've used them all. Chop them all up and into the freezer they go!

For more tips (and they'll be good ones!), head over to Rocks In My Dryer.


Blogger Larae said...

I do this too, it works wonders when you live alone or cook for people who don't like onions and such. Thanks for the tip and welcome to WFMW! =)

Blogger voni said...

Freezing onions, that is a great idea. I should put them through my food processor them freeze them. Your brilliant!

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