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Friday, February 12, 2010
I So Cited I Cwy
Today is the first day of our four-day Winter Recess.  Our usual morning routine on school days is for me to get up about 5:15 and get dressed.  I then get Sera up about 5:45 and get her dressed.  On non-school days, Sera is always the first one up.  She comes to our room and climbs into bed. She will usually sleep until 7:30-8ish if I don't wake her.

Not this morning.  She was up at her usual school morning time.  She climbed in to bed with us and dozed until 6:30ish.  The first thing she said to me was "I really want to go to school today, Mommy."  She knew we were doing the wrong morning routine for a school day, but today is a very special day at her school. It's the Valentine's Party.  Our girl never met a party she didn't like.

She carefully planned her outfit for today. I bought this dress for her a few months ago on clearance.  I bought it in a size so she could wear it next year.  it's kind of an odd dress because it's like a Christmas dress.  It's that soft thick velvety type material, but instead of being red with white trim, it's pink with light pink trim.  It has a hood and hearts along the hem.  She didn't care for it when she first tried it on because it's a little big, so it's been hanging in her closet where she can't even see it waiting for next year. In the car on the way home last night, she asked if she could go buy a dress for the party.  I told her no, that we could find something in her closet for her to wear.  She shouted out, "I know.  I can wear my dress with the hearts on the bottom."  It took me a few minutes to remember that she had this dress.  She has her complete wardrobe inventory in her head. 

We still took it easy this morning with Jim not taking her in until 8:30.  In the last few minutes before she left, Sera was sitting by the living room table.  She told me she was so excited about the party that she was going to cry.  Of course, she didn't actually cry. She did leave quite happily with her bag filled with Valentine's, grapes, & bananas.

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Blogger She Writes said...

So darling she is. We all cwy sometimes :). Glad she didn't!

Blogger Tammie said...

Oh my! She is so adorable! I love her dress!

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