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Thursday, January 15, 2009
Snow Day!
The view from my back door at dawn

In a very rare moment, our schools decided last night to call a snow day today. We don't usually know the night before. In fact, we usually find out after we're up showered, dressed, and halfway out the door. I was able to stay up late to watch Top Chef guilt-free.

We probably have close to two feet of snow on the ground. We had about a foot from last week, and we've been getting inches of snow every day. We're in the middle of a lake-effect snow warning with the possibility of up to 6 more inches. I don't think we're going to hit that since it hasn't snowed since I woke up at 6 am. Someone forgot to tell Sera she could sleep in. The main weather issue right now is the cold. We're expecting a high today of 4 with a windchill of -15 to -20. Tonight, we're expected to go down to -10 with a windchill of as low as -30. One report stated that if the clouds clear tonight, we could beat the record -22 temperature. That's temperature, not wind chill. If it gets that cold, I don't think we'll have school tomorrow either. You can't have kids waiting in that kind of cold for a bus. That's water pipe bursting cold.

We're not planning to go anywhere today. We're going to stay home where it's nice and warm. I am thinking about a cookie baking session after naptime. Sera's been wanting to make cookies again, and this would be the perfect day.

I wanted to get a picture of Shadow in the snow to give you some idea of the amount, but he didn't want to stay outside long enough. Can't imagine why not. Anyway, this is Sera's water/sand table on our backporch. We probably should have put it in the garage for the winter, but that would have meant we needed to clean out the garage. And then I wouldn't have had this lovely photo to show to you. I think Jim got a shot of Shadow later this morning. I'm sure he'll post it if he did.


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Blogger Kiy said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing. Now I can be SO grateful that's not me. (It was a few weeks ago though!)

Happy you got to stay home, warm and cozy! And, your request is up on my blog. :)

Cheers, and warm thoughts, Kiy

Blogger Wendi said...

We don't have the snow you do, but we sure have the cold. We are hearing about the same thing... -10 tonight with a windchill of 22-30 below. BRRRR!

I plan to stay home and be warm! Enjoy your cookies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks very chilly and beautiful. A perfect day for baking and chocolate!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I did stop for awhile twice :). Then I started again. Just too busy sometimes. Nice to see you!!

Blogger PIPO said...

Beautiful pictures but....brrrrrrr!

Blogger Theresa said...

I believe I climbed that tree several times. :D

All that snow--fantastic!

Blogger 3D said...

Stay warm and enjoy your snow day!

Keep smilin!

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