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Saturday, January 03, 2009
Elmo's World
The other day I received an email from my friend, Lauren. Lauren's LID was about two weeks after mine, so we got to know each other during our wait. She had extra tickets to the travelling Sesame Street show, "Elmo Makes Music." They were actually vouchers good for any showing. The show was going to be in town this weekend only.

I jumped on that offer. At 10:30 yesterday morning, all three of us were in our great seats and ready to watch Elmo and friends. Sera was transfixed. Again, I wasn't sure if she was enjoying the show until the end of the first song. When the clapping started, she threw her whole body into the most enthusiastic clapping. When we'd first arrived, I asked Jim if we should get her a souvenir. He scoffed at the idea. While she and I made a trip to the potty (against a certain someone's will who was fascinated by the theater), he changed his mind. We came out to see him holding a pair of Sesame Street binoculars. It was a good purchase because she was able to use them during the show and will be able to use them afterwards as well. Jim wisely looked a little sheepish when I looked at the binoculars and then looked at him.

We ran into one of Jim's co-workers and her son at the show. They actually sat three rows ahead of us. They joined us for lunch at this really great Irish pub around the corner. We don't get downtown too often, so it was a nice treat. We even sat next to our congressman. Jim wanted to get a picture with him, but he looked busy, and we didn't want to intrude.

It was a great way to end a vacation. I do enjoy my job, but I'm still sad that we won't be able to spend as much time with Sera as we've had over the last two weeks.

For those of you who marvelled at the tidiness of Sera's kitchen, this is how it usually looks. The first batch of photos came from the initial putting away of all the kitchen related toys.



Blogger Jacquie said...

You should've seen us when we went to see Diego. I was the one that said we weren't going to buy any of that cheap souvenir crap. Well one look at Lily's face when we walked by the vendor's case (very wise with the placement they were!) and I was mush. We walked out with an armload of stuff. Heh.

Oh, and totally bummed about having to go back to school Monday. Ugh. Just one more day closer to summer, right?

Blogger Sandra said...

I LOVE that first picture!

Blogger PIPO said...

Sera's smile is downright amazing!

Ahhh..I can hardly wait for the identical kitchen in my house to look like that :0)

Blogger Kiy said...

I purposely took a before pic of the kitchen because I told Jeff "I tidy one kitchen, I am SO not doing another!" Em's is trashed all the time, and she seems happy with it that way.

I loved the pic's of Sera at the show. Those little binoc's ... too darling! I am so jealous though, you got to take photos. We took Emi to see the Backyardigans last fall. NO cameras allowed and they went through every single purse, backpack and diaper bag to make sure. I was so bummed. Ah well.

Jeff goes back to work tomorrow too. I loved having him home these last ten days, it's been so wonderful. I am so sad that the time just flew.


Blogger Magi said...

They allowed regular cameras. They just asked us not to record video or audio. I was surprised and happy they let me.

Blogger Laura said...

How cute - she looks absolutely thrilled!

Blogger Laura said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Tammie said...

Way to end a vacation! The pics are awesome!

Blogger Beverly said...

how fun. love the kitchen.

Blogger Marcia said...

Too cute! I love the first picture too. I am glad to see a non kitchen related item in the kitchen (doll upper shelf) :)

It is so fun to go to those shows and see them having so much fun. I need to take Ava to one...I wish Barney would come to Atlanta. It is hard to resist the souveniers, but man they are expensive!!

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