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Sunday, December 28, 2008
Holiday Food
I haven't posted any recipes lately. Sorry about that. I actually want to start doing more food posts, but it just seemed like time, inspiration, or both has been lacking.

I did try some amazing new recipes at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'd love to post them, but I have to give credit where credit is due. That's why I'll post links instead.

First, I love cranberries. Doesn't matter the form. I like the juice. I like them added to baked goods. I like them covered in chocolate. I love fresh cranberry sauce and have made it for years. I even like the jellied version out of the can. I've always used the recipe that comes on the bag and just cooked them down in simple syrup. Jim, on the other hand, can't stand them. He hates them so much that I usually substitute dried cherries in any recipe calling for them. I can't eat a full batch of cranberry sauce, so I either skip it or buy the can.

This year we had two more for dinner (my dad and stepmother). That was all the excuse I needed to make a batch of cranberry sauce. I decided to give Pioneer Woman's recipe a shot. If you aren't reading her blog, you are missing out on some funny stuff and some awesome recipes. I didn't realize until I went to make it that I forgot to buy cranberry juice, so I used all orange juice. It was a big hit. More impressive? Even Jim liked it.

For dessert, I decided to make two new recipes. Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake had a ton of good reviews. I was glad I read them though and took the advice to cut back the sugar a bit. Next time, I'd cut it back even more. It was still a delicious version of a pumpkin pie-type dessert.

A couple of years ago, Jim had a slice of bourbon chocolate pecan pie for dessert at a restaurant and loved it. Last year, I made a version of it that we both enjoyed. Honestly though, I never thought to make it again. At the last minute, I found this recipe on The Karmic Kitchen blog. It was simple. I had all the ingredients on hand, and I didn't have a chocolate dessert. I decided to give it a shot. It was amazing. I won't forget to make this one again. Hmm...maybe even this week.

The last new recipe I tried came from a non-food blog, American Family. I cut the recipe in half, and it still made a ton of cookies. It's an easy recipe that uses basic staples. Best of all, the cookies are delicious. I baked them all for 10 minutes regardless of thickness, and they were always perfect. The thinner ones were a little crispier. The thicker ones were softer. It was all good, and Sera loved adding the sprinkles.

All four were delicious, and I'd recommend them for next year or sooner.



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