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Thursday, January 01, 2009
Sweetie. That's the pet name that Jim and I have called each other from the beginning. It could have been honey, babe, sweetheart, but it wasn't. It's sweetie.

Because we're both in the habit of using that word, we often call Sera sweetie, too. We also call her Stinkerbelle, Squirtle, Sera Kitty (she came up with that one, and sweetheart.

Occasionally, I'll actually call Jim by his given name. He rarely calls me by mine. It's sweetie.

The thing is, we don't generally call each other any name when we're in the same room or within easy voice range. That means when we say it, we're usually calling from a different floor or room in the house. That means we're yelling it.

Sera has decided this is the word you call out when you need someone's attention. If she's on the potty and needs some assistance with the paperwork, you'll hear "SWEETIE!" If you're downstairs and she's upstairs, she'll yell down for "SWEETIE!"

You get the idea.



Blogger PIPO said...

Hey Sweetie!

I DID actually see that post with the kitchen on my Blackberry but it is such a pain in the tush to comment that way and, I admit, I got distracted and forgot. I am sure you will forgive me ;0)

What made my jaw drop is that I just bought and put together that VERY SAME kitchen for PIPA over Christmas. How bizarre to have some frozen duck in the same kitchen!

Blogger Tammie said...

Sera is "sweetie" personified!

Blogger Marcia said...

I love that...too cute.

Btw, squirtle is the name of a poke'mon...one of Peter's fav's

Blogger Jessdine said...

That's funny. Josie has just started yelling Honey....

Sam reason. Too funny.

Blogger Wendi said...

Love it... very cute and funny!

Blogger Kiy said...

This is just too sweet. I love it!

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