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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Auld Lang Syne


What a year. It's had its ups and downs, but it is still one of the best years of my life. Why, you ask? Because we had Sera with us the entire year. This was our first complete calendar year together. Any downs are minor compared to that major up.

It's been a low-key week in Casa Kaffee Klatsch. We've pretty much stayed close to home. Okay, we haven't left the house. We've spent hours playing in the kitchen, putting clothes on Cindy and Snow White, playing doctor, and watching Disney dvds.

Yesterday, Jim had an echo cardiogram and passed with flying colors. Today, he had oral surgery. These were two major events that had been stressing him out. Having both behind us and with no negative effect is a great way to end the year.

Our exciting NYE menu was Hot and Sour Soup for the "must eat soft food" hubby, shrimp with veggies & rice for Sera, and leftover Chicken Parmesan (last night's dinner) for me. At 7:30, we toasted to the new year with sparkling red grape juice.

Jim is downstairs enjoying his weekly rpg game with his buddies. Most live nearby, but several have moved. They all get on Skype, play together, and reconnect.

I am here and watching the last of the Hallmark/Lifetime/?? cheesy, holiday movies that I love. It's an addiction that has an expiration date.

I wish all of you the best in 2009. We have it sleeping upstairs.



Blogger Kiy said...

Really, this was your first full calendar year with Sera? Gosh, I thought it had been longer. But then, it probably feels that way to you too. (smile)

Even though we have yet to meet, you and your family have become part of my every day life. Funny how blogs makes us feel so close, so connected. You and Jim were a huge part of my feeling more ready for our trip to China. There really are no words for what I feel about you guys. I wish we were neighbors ... but no way in heck am I moving there! :)

Cheers, Happy New Year,


Blogger Marcia said...

why did jim have an echo???

Blogger Tammie said...

I'm happy to hear that Jim passed his echo with flying colors. Good news for the beginning of the year already!

Your News Year Eve sounds perfect to me. We were all in bed snoring by 9:00 pm. Yesterday was spent lazing about with about 2-3 hours out shopping & having girly fun.

Blogger Wendy said...

A really good 'holiday' or actually anytime movie, which I THINK is made by Lifetime is called The Note. It was an excellent movie. It's a really good family movie. No swearwords etc. Just a suggestion if you havent already seen it.

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