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Friday, December 26, 2008
Christmas 2008
This year, Sera "sorta" got Santa. She woke at 7:00 am as she usually does. We had left cookies for Santa the night before and told her he was coming, but it was clear that she didn't really get it. Jim told her that he'd been downstairs already and had seen some surprises left by Santa. She wanted to get into our bed and watch TV. Jim ran down ahead of us to set up the camcorder while Sera and I brushed our teeth. We didn't dress because Christmas morning is all about pjs. New pjs in fact. One of my old family traditions is new pjs on Christmas Eve. Sera was very excited about her new pink flannel jammies with Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Booty.

When we came downstairs, I positioned myself in the corner with my camera while Daddy brought Sera into the living room. Sera insisted on bringing her polar bear down with her. He lasted a few moments before being tossed aside. Sera was awestruck when she saw her kitchen.

Daddy, Kitchen!

A closer view because I love this face. That's one happy girl.
Oh, look! There's more!

This is getting fun! Note the polar bear. Tossed aside!

Modelling the medicine bag Grandpa John made.

Thank you, Aunt Wendy!

Mommy, I Dr. Meier!

Sera spotted this months ago in Target.
She was absolutely thrilled to see it again.

She didn't quite understand this gift yet. But when we opened it up,
she recognized the camera right away. I think she's already maxed the memory.
I need to load the software and download her pictures.
Thank you, Granddaddy and Grandma Nora!
Santa didn't forget Daddy. He was thrilled with this stocking stuffer.
It's an Atari plug 'n play with eight of the original video games, including Pong!

Sera is just fascinated watching Daddy play his game. He still remembered
how to get through the maze on this one.

Sera was taking Daddy's picture when she asked me to take Daddy's picture, too. I love this picture because there you see one daddy who loves his little girl.
Sera loved this little doll from Grandpa John and Grandma Dee.
She wanted to call her Santa, but we decided on Cindy instead.

Look, a comb and mirror case for me, too!

I can comb my own hair!

Now this. This is a whole 'nother story. Christmas Eve was quite the adventure for Jim. That kitchen is awesome, but it weighs a ton and came in a gazillion pieces. No, I do not exaggerate. Why would you think that? Anyway, Sera was in bed at 8, and Jim was hard at work by 8:30. It took him over three hours to build it. Three hours he says were worth it because of the joy it has already brought Sera. But that put us at about midnight when the box for the above gift was opened. It only had half a gazillion pieces, but it was missing one very important piece...the directions.

If this had been her only big gift, we would have persevered. It wasn't, however, we already had the kitchen. This got boxed back up and put away. I've been in contact with the company and directions are in the mail. I don't know if we'll hold on to it until her birthday, family day, Chinese New Year, Valentine's, or a just because day, but it's put aside for now.

For months, she's said she wanted two things from Santa: a kitchen and a baby bath. She hasn't even noticed that the baby bath is missing. It does help being only two.

Oh, and that "sorta" getting Santa thing? When I asked her last night if she liked her kitchen, she told me Santa bring me kitchen. I think she gets it now.

The day was perfect. I couldn't have dreamed a better Christmas in my home with my family.



Blogger Tammie said...

Thank you so much for sharing Sera's Christmas! I loved seeing the delight on her face as she hugs each of her presents. And the pic of Daddy staring at his litle girl? The best!

Blogger Marcia said...

awesome pictures! I love seeing her happy, smiling face!

Blogger Sandra said...

What a cool kitchen. It looks like someone got spoiled by Santa ;-)

Blogger Jacquie said...

Oh my gosh. Shut up! How did they both get the same new jammies and wear them on the same night? I had Christmas jammies for her but after Grandma gave her ones with "Bella" on them, forget it. And that kitchen? Santa almost brought that one but it clashed with the red pots and pans she got and god forbid we can't have that now can we? :)

Blogger pam said...

What sweet little smiles on that darling face. Looks like she got it.

Happy New Year.

Blogger Wendi said...

Love the kitchen! Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

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